Are You Always Forgetting Numbers You Need?

We all have a million different numbers that we are supposed to be able to remember off the top of our head. Our phone number, our cell number, our family’s cell numbers, our PIN numbers, bank numbers. Not long ago I was supposed to put my phone number into the grocery store’s machine for my discount & I drew a blank. And the blank didn’t fade away. I literally dug out my check book & with a red face, glanced to see what is was.

Well, here is a web site that may be of a little bit of help. myPhonr is really easy to use. You just enter in your phone number –or whatever number you are needing to be able to memorize a bit easier, & see if it has any English words in it.

You may be able to dial the “word” rather than the numbers.

The results are given instantly in text form (they can be copied & pasted into a document if you want to decide what one to choose later).

Of course, you do have to remember the word then. But it may be something easy like 5-icu-ham-88. Check out myPhonr today.

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One Response to Are You Always Forgetting Numbers You Need?

  1. Interesting idea. I checked it out briefly, but I doubt if it would help me for the reason you mentioned at the end of your article.

    When I was much younger, our first two numbers were always listed as letters. If I remember right, they would be the first two letters of a familiar name. Now I’m so used to the numbers.

    Thanks for putting this on the site though.

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