5 Responses to The Art of Balancing Motherhood and Chronic Illness

  1. I have such admiration for mothers with chronic illness. Fatherhood is tough sometimes, but mothers are what really make a home a place to come home to. I’m sure you are an awesome mom Lisa! ~ Peter

  2. Lisa, I just linked to your blog from my post today. See this Maintaining Balance

  3. do you know of any resources for a chronically ill parent of a teen? I am dealing with fibromyalgia that has been very difficult, but trying to show my daughters motivation when I am not an example of that is hard. Let me know if you think of anything. Because of Him (my srtipes are healed) -Sarah

  4. Thank you for this! I am the mother of two lovely, amazing, energetic little girls (3 yrs and 17 mos), and I’ve recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s. I’ve been in and out of the hospital since, and I laughed out loud at your description of teaching about germs and hand washing with cartoon characters. Finding a way to protect immunosuppressed mommy is a new reality for us too! I also teared up a little at your description of explaining healing and God’s timing to your son. It’s hard to explain to them, and it’s hard to understand it myself. But until then, here’s to making the very best of those hospital waiting rooms, to my 4 year old who finds her mommy’s medical procedures “cool”, and to toddlers who have learned to be ferocious and gentle in their affection with me. We can do this! And do it joyfully!

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