Part 3 of 3: What Can We Learn From Job?

Can We Believe in a God Who Allows Suffering?
Part 3 of 3: What Can We Learn From Job?

By Bridget Gazlay

This is a 3-part article series.
Part 1: Reflections On Job
Part 2: When We Question God

Yesterday’s article was about how we naturally question God, but we need to always remember that God is in control of all of our circumstances and situations and has our best interest at heart at all times.

Today, we will look at what we can learn from Job’s story? How can we apply this to our own suffering?

  • Your situation might not be directly caused by sin (although there certainly could be consequences of sin).
  • God is with you and sees everything you are going through, and even allows it. We don’t like to think that God actually allows trials and suffering, but He does. Sometimes God gives the world over to its sinful nature. But He will always provide a way out for those who trust in Him–whether it’s true peace, deliverance, provision, physical healing, or physical death.
  • God always has a purpose behind what happens. We might not find out what that is until we see Jesus again but there is a purpose. If God does give us a glimpse of the big picture–count yourself blessed!
  • God can use any situation to bring himself glory and honor. When the darkness hits, ask God to show you what you can learn from that situation. Ask Him to show you how He can use it for good.
  • [pullquote]God will rescue us but the timing of that rescue is of course, in God’s hands.[/pullquote]- If we continue to trust in Him during the hard times, He will rescue us. The timing of that rescue is of course, in God’s hands.
  • There is more going on than just what we see in front of us. Job had no idea the angels were at work around him. But, we can have faith in the God who does see everything.
  • God uses hardships to remind the world of His authority. When Christians persevere under trials, the world sees God’s power in their lives.
  • God sometimes uses our struggles to help mold our character. After his time of suffering, Job had the privilege of having a more intimate relationship with God. His faith and trust in God grew from that experience.

I see so many people who instead of turning to God during the hard times, blame God and hate Him for allowing the evil to persist. God is just as hurt and saddened by our state of humanity these days as we are. But, He still wants to have people love him willingly and to know Him in a personal way.

The only way to know God in that way is to experience Him at work in our lives. If everything was perfect and great, we would never have a reason to look to God, for anything. It’s those hard times that make us appreciate the good times.

Someday this world will be gone and those who believe in Jesus’ sacrificial death will be with God, for all eternity. There will be no evil, tribulation, or sadness. Only love for our Savior. I know I can’t wait for that day.

Until then, I will rejoice in my sufferings because I know God’s glory will be revealed through them. . . somehow. I definitely don’t have all the answers and certainly some things are hard to believe. Then again, that’s what faith is all about–believing in the impossible. . . believing in God!

What are some of the ways that you have seen the suffering in your own life be a blessing? Do you ever wish for just a simple life, instead of one that requires struggling to produce perseverance?

Bridget Gazlay resides in the beautiful West Michigan. She struggles with Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, IBS, arthritis and migraines. She works full time but writes and designs fabric cards as she is able. Bridget’s prayer is for readers who come across her writing or fabric cards to see that she allows, “God’s creation to be my inspiration.” You can reach Bridget at: or Make sure to check out her new blog:

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