Craft Therapy: How to Make a Burlap Wreath DIY Tutorial

wreath Craft Therapy: How to Make a Burlap Wreath DIY Tutorial

Ever wondered how to freshen up your home? A burlap wreath can be great craft therapy and compliment many styles of decor.

By Lisa Copen

So what is a crafty tutorial doing on the Rest Ministries web site? Well, I have been redecorating my home since the new year, hitting the thrift stores, “shopping my house” and re-purposing items in a new way. I went through a month of being a Pinterest addict, now would describe myself more as a loyal fan. I have gotten pretty creative in the things I have used to make new things (coming soon in another post) and I have become a frequent thrifter. For example, I now know when Salvation Army has their 50% off days.

I have always had a home that I tried to decorate in “cottage” style with a lot of nautical theme, but I decided I needed a calmer home and so have moved out a lot of the red and replaced it with creams, whites, blues, greens, and teal. Basically, I want to feel like I am sitting on the coast surrounded by sea glass that is washing up on the shore. I have been decreasing the clutter, and trying to decrease the volume on my son’s video games. Haven’t figured out that second one yet.

But we all can use a little craftiness in our life occasionally, and as the saying goes, well, it’s cheaper than therapy. Sometimes I just have to spray paint something or hot glue gun something and I feel much better.

There will soon be a “crafters” group starting over in the Sunroom by one of our volunteers and I promised I would share a few tutorials of my recent projects.

So here is what I recently created…

A coastal wreath made out of burlap

I used 2 rolls of burlap garland ($5 each at Michael’s), 10 yards for each roll. I had about 2 1 yard left at the end. And I used a package of floral wire, 18 gage, pack of 20 pieces (minutes 4 or 5 we tried to roast hot dogs on last summer).

Next, I folded the burlap over half, lengthwise, and just weaved the wire through it, like I was stitching it. I couldn’t hold both the burlap and the camera, so no photos. Sorry. But in the end I had about 6 feet of ruffled up burlap. This just took time and with my sore hands, I put it away for a month. (Tip: If you have a cat, s/he will likely love the fact that you are getting natural fibers out and be determined to play with this new toy you are making her. The burlap also sheds all over you, so don’t do it right up until you have to leave the house for an appointment. Live and learn, right?)

craft011 Craft Therapy: How to Make a Burlap Wreath DIY Tutorial

I doubled it over and connected the two rows with rafia. I know. I should have used wire, but I needed the last few pieces for the next step and I was too impatient to go to the store again. But I was able to scrunch it up nice and tight so in the end the who wreath had two levels of ruffled and looked pretty good.

burlap wreath011 Craft Therapy: How to Make a Burlap Wreath DIY Tutorial

I needed a backing for it to make it sturdy. I decided just to use cardboard. I made two layers of cardboard (hot glued them together) and then covered them in shipping tape. Next, I used the rest of the wire to attach it to the cardboard. (Very hard step on my hands!)

burlap wreath02 Craft Therapy: How to Make a Burlap Wreath DIY Tutorial

I flipped it over and a tiny bit of the cardboard showed in a few places, so I covered the inside of the cardboard with burlap using my glue gun. You can see it around the inside edge of the wreath in the photo above.

Next, I made the bow, and then randomly tied some additional bows in raffia to keep the “natural” look going.

burlap wreath03 Craft Therapy: How to Make a Burlap Wreath DIY Tutorial

And then I attached the shells with the glue gun. I had a few flat marbles that I attached for a bit of sparkle. (I can’t help it, I do love sparkle)

burlap wreath04 Craft Therapy: How to Make a Burlap Wreath DIY Tutorial

I hung in on the inside of our door in this image above, but I actually plan to spruce up the front entryway outside a bit and add this as part of my welcoming design in the next couple of weeks.

Total cost breakdown:

  • Burlap – $10
  • Wire – I had this, but about $2
  • Shells – I had bought a big bag for decor at Home Goods. I used just a few – $10
  • Glue – ?

So for under $15 I made this beautiful wreath that is sold online for over $40. And it fits my coastal cottage look perfectly.

Happy crafting!

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

lisa signature Craft Therapy: How to Make a Burlap Wreath DIY Tutorial

 Craft Therapy: How to Make a Burlap Wreath DIY Tutorial

Here is What Our Readers Have Shared:

  1. Thanks Lisa:) Very cool! I’ve ALWAYS been a crafter-not on a professional level, but on my own ‘mom/homaker title. I didn’t have enough time to do it when the kids were REALLY small, and I was working part-time as an RN, and my husband was traveling. My first real attempt at crafting was a painted sweatshirt I made for my dad for his birthday (October) I took a black sweatshirt-(pullover style) and hand painted a scarecrow on it. Underneath it were 4 pumpkins, hand painted in order of birth, with their names on each of the pumpkin’s. Under that I wrote “Grandpa’s Punkin’s”. He still wears it every autumn:), and it’s now over 20 yrs old! Crafting for fun/family is great, and something I still do-(even though I can’t sew-(bad eyes) I look forward to hearing/seeing more! I’m always looking for new ideas. Blessings~TK

  2. Thank you Lisa for this article. For 19 years I have lived with chronic pain (neuropathy, fibromyalgia, arthritis, just to name a few). I used to do crafts in between being a wife, mother, homemaker, nurse, sewing draperies as a business etc, etc. After an accident I was unable to work, went through a divorce, and I fell into a deep depression feeling like I had no purpose in life. One day when I cried out to God, ‘Help! what am I to do now?!’ His answer was to ‘knit’. Long story short I now have my personal ‘prayer-shawl’ ministry. Hours are spent meditating, praying, and knitting over each shawl taking the focus off of my needs and putting them into God’s work. It warms my heart each time I wrap a shawl around someone. Their tears of comfort and thanks wash away any pain that I am feeling. I have expanded my handiwork to sewing when my fingers allow me. My latest project was sewing my ‘God Is’ tote. The attention that it draws is a perfect tool to express my testimony of God’s work in my re-newed life. Looking forward to seeing future projects :)

  3. Lisa, this is so neat . Thank you for sharing your creative skills ; the wreath is just darling. What I really want to thank you for is the enjoyment and inspiration you have given me in renewing and remembering what joy I used to get out of creating something out of things around the house and recyling something one doesn’t want anymore into something pretty and decorative. I used to make angels about a 100 years ago, feels like it!!! I remember what a blessing it was when I gave them away. Selfish, I guess, as I felt like the receiver vs the “giver”. I hope the “receivers” got as much joy as I did those years ago.

    I guess I have felt that I have been too sick in recent years to really put out effort to make or do anything creative. That’s depression , I realize. I also know its therapy to get out of ones rut and challenge myself.So, I am going to make something , somehow, someway, with my own two hands. Wish me luck.

    Lisa, I don,t know much about coastal decorating true definition, but I believe where I live close to is what you are striving for. I am about 1 hour away from the Atlantic ocean; wish I could magically send you some of our beautiful shells, driftwood, etc. to decorate your home! But I know michaels has all that stuff you can create with.

    Thank you again for your heartfelt llove for our Lord and for all your rest ministry devotion. Talk about creative; your ministry is truly your inspiration from God. Am tired now, hope this makes sense.

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