When You Keep Feeling Hopeless About Your Situation

What do you do when feeling hopeless if where your heart seems to reside? Karlton explains.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” (Proverbs 13:12)

The very worst times with my illness have not necessarily been when I’ve been the most ill. No, I think the worst times have been when I hoped, expected–wanted with all my heart–to see improvement.

I would think that perhaps a new treatment would improve my condition, a new doctor might better understand my situation and offer real help. Maybe a new diet, a new supplement, maybe an improvement in circumstances would help–only to find that nothing changed, or that the condition worsened. Such times can put a serious strain on our hope and feeling hopeless is our norm.

We dare not put aside our hope, chuck out our optimism, because we need hope and optimism even more when beset by affliction. Yet somehow we must cushion our minds so that we are not undone by continual setbacks.

When we believers are knocked to our knees, we can always look up and pray, and the Lord can lift us above our circumstances, giving us peace and strength in place of worry and weakness. But how does one without help from above ever get up off of the floor? Thankfully we have help from above.

We will, at times, be struck by disappointment and discouragement. We will hqve timesof feeling hopeless. We may even need help getting up off of the floor when we get knocked down by bad news or circumstances. Thankfully we can call upon the Lord, we can share our burdens with trusted friends and family members, and find comfort for our bruised souls.

We all will hit the brick wall of disappointment, but we need not lie down and let discouragement cripple us. We can get back up with the Lord’s help, find compassion and kindness from friends and family members, and always remember that disappointment doesn’t last forever.

Maybe your hope is wearing thin, perhaps endless disappointments have robbed you of strength, stolen your optimism, and now discouragement is knocking on your door. It is time to call upon the Lord, ask Him to help you to see beyond these troubles and setbacks that are threatening to steal your hope.

With God all things are possible, and that is the power you need right now to get past discouragement and revive your hope. You need the power of the possible. It is found through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Dear Lord, when our hope wears thin and we cannot stop feeling hopeless, when we are surrounded by disappointment and falling prey to discouragement, come to our aid, revive our hope, because we know that with You all things are possible. Amen.

About the Author:
Karlton Douglas lives in Ohio with his lovely wife. God is his strength when hope wears thin and discouragement comes knocking.

Do you find your hope wearing thin? Does it seem that sometimes you cannot pick yourself back up after additional disappointment, but instead you keep feeling hopeless? What do you do to change these feelings?

Matt Maher sings “Alive Again.” If you are feeling hopeless today and at the end of your rope, this song will bless you and help you remember you are not alone. -Lisa

18 Responses to When You Keep Feeling Hopeless About Your Situation

  1. Karlton, thanks for this excellent devotional that fills me with encouragement, understanding & further hope. Sooooo thankful!

    It sure is hard becoming full of hope with new treatments etc, like you say, & then having them dashed….what a rollercoaster ride! Mostly I cope ok with it for myself, but when it continues to happen for my middle son is when I’m crushed! Your line: “yet somehow we must cushion our minds so that we are not undone by continual setbacks”……is beautifully wording what I’ve had to learn to do! I’m not sure that I would cope without my dear Lord carrying, comforting, encouraging & inspiring me with hope IN Him, rather than in treatments etc! Praise God for the power of possible IN Him! Thanks again Karlton. Lotsoluv Kerryn

  2. Karlton, I also was touched by your expression, “cushion our minds”. Truly, our bodies hurt and are challenged to the max but it is in our minds where the have our choices.

    We can sink into despair or we can sink into our Hope. Even we we feel hopeless and helpless, God’s hope is with us because He is with us.

    Your using the word, “cushion” is a great visual as it reminds me that I can rest in Him, be softened and surrounded by Him when all else around me or within me would pull me in a different direction.

    Thanks for another inspiring devotional!

  3. This was so inspiring…your question ‘But how does someone without help from above ever get off the floor?’ Really struck a chord with me. What do they do without the Lord? How do they survive even one day with this kind of pain without His help? and I am lead to pray, I can’t do a lot physically, especially on days when I’m laid up with pain, but I can pray for their salvation, and for my friends when they lose hope, knowing when I have one of ‘those’ days I have others praying for me. The beauty is that as we pray for others in their hopelessness, we are lifted up. Thank you for your awesome devotions Karlton, they really make me think.

  4. Just saw this on face book and thought it was appropriate for todays devotional…

    H old
    O n
    P ain
    E nds

    God is faithful!

  5. Thanks Karen! I’m grateful that the Lord has kept me sane through long periods of disappointment.

  6. Thanks Lynn! It isn’t easy to cushion our minds, but with the Lord’s help when can focus on truth when fear seeks to overwhelm us, let reason rather than raw emotions guide us, and in general try to be a bit philosophical in keeping our hardships in perspective.

  7. Thanks Kathy! Prayer is so vitally important isn’t it?
    PS–nice acrostic :-)

  8. Sorry Kerryn, don’t know why I have such a hard time spelling your name :(

  9. Turning to The Lord is what helps the most. Sometimes it’s hard to see beyond the present disappointment in a new doctor with the same answer. I went through this a couple weeks ago. The new doctor confirmed the other doctors diagnosis. God has a plan for my life even when I can’t see because I’m not looking pass the disappointment. I close my eyes to see The Lord holding me in his arms. Thanks for sharing. May you feel His presents. In His love.

  10. No problems Karlton, Many have probs with my name so I answer to Kerryn, Kerry, Karen or just plain hey you!! LOL! Lotsoluv Kerryn

  11. Thanks Marilyn! The Lord’s presence is so important to getting us through the tough times.

  12. Kerryn, people are always confusing which is my first name and which is my last name. One lady I worked with years ago never got past calling me “Mr. Karlton” :-)

  13. Thank you so much, Karlton!! I needed that this morning.. And I love the song. Please post again, soon.. much love to you,


  14. Thanks Jeanie!

  15. Hey Karlton, thank you for this much needed devotional. It is deff my situation right now. I’ve struggled with this alot in this last year. but I am grateful I am a child of god. Not just any God but the one true God in heaven, the creator of the universe, and healer of mind, body and soul. I pray as I continue on this path I will seek his face and try to be an encouragement to others, just as you are doing! God bless, Diane

  16. Thanks Diane! It helps to know we can encourage others despite how miserable we might feel.

  17. Thank you, Karlton, for being another voice of hope to me as I come out of a time of discouragement. A bulging disc in my spine has herniated causing pain, complicated by nerve pain that shoots down my leg. There is also scar tissue and a cyst on the disc. So I am back in physical therapy trying to avoid surgery. Meanwhile, I watch my elderly mother suffer with terrible pain and wonder if this is my future, too. I don’t know which bothers me more, the thought of living with awful, chronic physical pain as she has or the thought that I could succumb to the spiritual and emotional pain that has consumed so much of her life. But today, I am holding to the hope that I have choices and power over at least some of my situation. I do have faith and I do have hope. This quote has encouraged me “Hope is the feeling you have that the feeling you have is not permanent.” – Jean Kerr. Bless you.

  18. Robyn, pain seems to do some terrible things to us. It can make us more fearful, cause us worry and dread, bring discouragement, and especially, as you mentioned, cause us to fear the future. I honestly believe the only way pain can be dealt with is to take it day by day, moment by moment. If we start reaching into the future, trying to carry or add tomorrow’s pain today, we are in trouble. Thankfully pain can also cause us to draw closer to the Lord, seeking His help and comfort, drawing from His strength and power. You have a great attitude about your pain and I believe you will find strength in the Lord as you go forward. I pray His peace and comfort for you.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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