9 Responses to What Does A Patient’s Dream Medical Office Look Like?

  1. Definitely high backed comfy chair
    A few soft cushions
    A fish tank
    A few pretty plants
    Books with beautiful photos of nature, animals, plants, sunrises & sunsets, waves etc
    Definitely a separate area for young families with children’s toys
    Fresh water stand
    Hot drinks spot with green teas, as well as the usual black tea & coffee
    LOVE the pebbles idea….gonna do that ASAP for people that come to visit me.
    Thanks for this Lisa, love the ideas. Lotsoluv Kerryn

  2. Great ideas in the article and great ideas from Kerryn also. My family dr. travels outside the US extensively and she has lots of framed photo collages and she has written the description under it herself, like the location and date. Very personalized.

  3. I had a neuro who checked me out for various things, and his office was pretty close to perfect. The receptionist had a chronically ill husband….need u


  4. Lisa, I forwarded this onto my Nutritionist/naturopath……I reckon she’ll take up quite a few of those ideas, as she’s very open to creating comfort. Will see what changes I notice next time I go!! LOL! Lotsoluv Kerryn

  5. 1)a separate waiting area for those who are sneezing, coughing, etc
    2) the TV on low volume. it’s hard to sit there with a pounding migraine while a loud TV is blaring!
    3)love the fish tank idea. it’s very soothing to watch
    4)chairs of different heights & depths, people come in all sizes. my feet rarely touch the floor if i sit all the way back in the chair.

    thank you for this, lisa!

  6. A giant clock with a timer that promises a 50 cent refund for every minute late for your appointment. LOL

  7. When I have appointments I often think about a separate room or rooms for those wanting quiet from the television, conversations, the few loud talkers (there is always one or two), and/or rambunctious children. In the room, people can meditate, do a short yoga session, listen to nature noises on tape, or water the plant(s) in the room. I have always wanted to decompress during the long days at the doctor, especially at the big hospitals when there are few breaks. And the best part of a doctor’s office would be UPDATED magazines! Subscribe to 2013!!!! ;) And to a wide-range of magazines for a wide array of interests. Even poll patients. Another idea is optional counseling after any visit with any doctor. That might be unrealistic but I would be curious how many patients took the offer. Hmmm… Makes me wonder… May delve into this on my own in my blog. Interesting!

  8. I also love the idea of the chairs at different levels — some recline, ottomans, etc. A coffee/tea cart (free to a minimal charge) comes around the hospital I go to and they offer beverages, including hot cocoa. There are muffins, fruit, mints, etc. It would be great to have it just there at each waiting area because it doesn’t come each time or when you want it. I like the coffee/tea bar area. I do worry about the germs though. :(

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