8 Responses to When Illness Complicates Life and Nothing Feels Secure

  1. I have been receiving your devotionals for a few months and greatly appreciate them, however, today was one of those that SPOKE to me in such a relevant way, I just wanted to comment. It opened with this question, “What do we cling to when medications fail, friends fall away and nothing seems to feel secure?” That was EXACTLY what I was dealing with! The side effects from a medication were causing me nausea, I just had to stop another med due to the side effects AND I was grieving over a lost friendship that happened to a great degree because of my health. I started fretting about my future and started fearing. I did not read the devotional when it came in my box, but many hours later, it was like a direct word from the Lord for me! Thank you, Vicky, for sharing about our true foundation!

    • Dear Colette,
      Somehow I missed your response. I first thought it was probably because the 19th was our son’s birthday. That was a busy day, but then I realized God wanted me to read it today. Perhaps you need my reply more today.
      I can’t imagine all you’re going through…the frustration about medication (nausea and side effects), grief, betrayal, and fear. I’m grateful God used this message to speak directly to your heart…that the verses from Psalms and Isaiah encouraged you. I’m heading out to do my 30 mins. of water walking and plan to pray for you the entire time.
      With a sympathetic heart,

  2. I love that verse from Isaiah Vicki and have clung to it so often 🙂

    Thanks for sharing how God is providing stability in your circumstances. Your prayer – “By faith, I put my hand in Yours today.” – such a wonderful prayer to use as we start each day!


    • Hi Fiona,
      Yes, ours is a faith walk…trusting God once again at the start of each new day. Each morning challenges us to wobble on our own or place our hand in His, to trust Him to take us wherever He leads.
      Wabble fighter, faith desirer,

  3. Thank you Vicki for these encouraging words. I love Isaiah 41:10! We are in a situation that only God can fix but I have a tendency to try to work it out myself. The Lord is my strong arm not me!

    • Dear Janet,
      Sorry to hear about your situation (so serious that only God can fix). However, it sounds like you’re winning the battle…you’ve got a clear focus on Who will fix the problem. “I have a tendency to try to work it out myself”: you and me both! Congrats on overcoming that tendency with this situation.
      Sending this off with prayers for God to encourage you by revealing His power and plan,

  4. Vicki, Sweet words of encouragement.
    Thank you so for sharing a piece of you and your Hubby’s challenging walk.
    Deff understand the vertigo, I know others here do too! But I love how you can not only lean on one another, but point the way to leaning on our Father in heaven.
    Blessings, di

    • Dear di,
      So sorry to know you understand the vertigo. It was tough enough watching my hubby experience it…can’t imagine going through it myself. Ugh.
      That’s why your words are such a powerful testimony…in the midst of your vertigo, you absolutely lean on our Father (I have no doubt!). And I’m encouraged to know there are many others who visit RM who also endure vertigo with the same determination to keep their eyes fixed on Christ, with their hand clasped firmly in His.
      Grace and peace,

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