11 Responses to How Can We Best Prepare Ourselves for the Day?

  1. I want to thank you for this post. I have been housebound most of this year, and I rely on the Internet for contact with other Christians. There is always some Word from God, for me, in what you write, something encouraging or correcting, uplifting and moving. You often speak to my situation.

    This one today, is very precious to me. I have kept it to use as Spiritual Exercises every single day. God is very close to me, and I have loved Him since I was three years old, He speaks to me and guides me.

    With late stage Lyme I have been so busy focussing on the here and now, that I had lost sight of the Heavenly perspective. Today I feel that I have found the way back to reality that I, in fact, am already in heaven, with Christ and my Father. This earthly life is not my destination, but rather my Journey back to my real Home.
    Love and blessings

  2. Lorna,

    I am so blessed to know that God spoke to you through this devotional. As I was trying to remember my own suggestions after writing this :), I came up with this acronym for it – HALT SIN: H – keep a heavenly perspective, A – put on the armor, L – love those in my path, T – use my time wisely, S – see signs of God around me, I – don’t feel inferior, N – be content. That helps me remember :). I pray God’s blessings and presence in your life each day,

  3. Thank you, Bronlynn, for these inspired prayers for the day. A needed re-focusing for me this day.

  4. I am going to print out this list to look at often, thanks for this devotion! I struggle with finding balance and self worth between physical limitations and aging. Now that I’m retired I keep burning myself out and feeling defeated. But I don’t want to miss God’s calling and be selfish with my free time. Your reminders are just what I needed today…..it’s been a painful one.

    • Thanks Diane. I pray that you find God’s balance for where you are now in life, and that you get some pain-free times too.


  5. Hey Bronlynn, just getting to read this devo today, but wanted to say it really touched me. Its full of much insight and peace for the soul. Thank you. Love and prayers for you. Diane K

  6. You hit the right spot in my heart today dear friend. I really push myself and then get after myself if I cannot cross every item off my “to do” list! I am becoming more and more disabled as time goes on; so I do feel the time clock moving. But then I know…I KNOW! that He will give the strength to do His Will.

  7. What a beautiful list for preparing for the day. Thanks Bronlynn đŸ™‚

    I find this one the hardest: “To be content with God’s decisions.” So I guess that’s the one I need to focus on more. I am getting more content, but the “controller” in me still seems to think I have better ideas! Sigh! I guess I’ll continue to learn with God as my ever patient Teacher! God bless. Lotsoluv Kerryn

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