6 Responses to Would You Like a Guide to Help You Navigate this Life?

  1. It’s so encouraging that God will always be our God and our Guide even to the end. That even when we can’t “feel” Him, He is with us and watching over us. Thank you for these thoughts, Fiona.

    • Thanks Trudy 🙂
      Even though we know we shouldn’t rely on what we “feel” – it can still draw us away from this truth. I seem to need these reminders and was grateful God reminded me of this story, along with the verse I was reading.

  2. Fiona, that must have been quite a long walk you ended up on! So glad though you all were safe. Just St like you, I’m also thankful that God is ever present and willing to guide and direct me along this highway I’m on now and also into eternity. Blessings, di

    • Yes Di, thankfully God was looking after us and helped us find our way back that day and as I’d been navigating the night before, I was able to follow the road route, to where we needed to be. We were just hoping no-one stopped us to ask us why we were walking on the freeway!

      Praying that God will continue to guide you along this current challenging path.
      Blessings dear friend,

  3. A great analogy! Thanks Fiona 🙂

    I think that God being our guide is one of the qualities about God that I value the most. I can’t imagine living life without God in my life guiding me along the rocky, gnarly paths that I’ve sometimes had to manoeuvre to get to where He wants me!! Thank goodness that the beautiful open beach in heaven awaits!!!!! God bless ya buddy! LOTSoluv Kerryn

    • Thanks Kerryn – it would be impossible living without God’s guidance 🙂

      So that “beautiful open beach in heaven” should be one I don’t get lost on!

      Praying that God will be guiding you to exactly where He wants you to be.

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