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  1. Diane this has happened to me quite often! In my years as a Pastors wife so many people know me, of course, but often I lose the name of church folk when they are outside the church. I have not found a way to deal with it comfortably either. Sometimes my husband can help me by saying something like, “How is your husband Jim, It was good to see Mr. Smith looking so much better Ruth.” But if we are not together, I just talk my way through it. Most often however folks are understanding if they are told my predicament. I am harder on myself than anyone else is of me. Thank you for bringing up a topic that bothers so many of us!
    Soft hugs,

  2. Sandy, I can’t even imagine how much more often you must deal with this. Being a pastor’s wife you must have a constant barrage of people coming up to you expecting you to remember them! So good that your hubby is your “blocker” so to speak. Lol
    I too am learning to dance my way around the conversation. But like you I’m still seeking a new way of handling it better. I always pray asking for God’s Holy Spirit to intervene. Perhaps that’s our best course if action!
    Thank you so much for sharing Sandy. Sending you hugs! Di

  3. This is something I’m experiencing more in the last year or so Di and it is frustrating when it happens. I tend to hope that a warm smile (even if I have no idea of the name) may make the person feel cared about and worth my attention. I’m sure people feel that when they meet you!

    Loved your comment that “The good thing is God has a plan.” How many times does God step in to assist when we need it – and where would we be without that help?

    Praying for you 🙂

    • Fiona, you are so so right, where would we be indeed. I know you and I have never had the joy of face to face but surely I’ve seen yourcwarm smile in pictures! I know when this happens to you, whomever it is would feel welcome and loved! Ty for sharing! Blessings my friend,

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