6 Responses to What Does Listening Have to do with Invisible Illness?

  1. The timing of this was remarkable! I woke up this morning sensing God telling me to just crawl into His lap and be held. Physical pain, financial stress, and some major problems concerning essential equipment and supplies for our special needs adult son were all weighing heavily on my mind this morning. But as I’ve focused on being held by the Lord, it’s been a day of inner peace.

    I don’t suffer from invisible illness; my illnesses have caused me to be crippled, to the point where I need to use a walker or wheelchair, and this makes them highly visible. But visible or invisible, chronic illness can be difficult to live with. Whether feeling ignored by others (as those with invisible illness often do), or coping with frequent looks of pity from others (as I often do), dealing with chronic illness is more than just dealing with the physical problems. I’m so grateful that God is with us, holding onto us when we are too weak to hold onto Him.

    • Barbara, please don’t feel like ur wheelchair excludess u from the invisible illness community. I use a wheelchair or crutches and often feel my needs ignored or get told how good i look. It happens to us too.

  2. I could really identify with this, Laura. It’s not easy when some don’t understand or if it feels like they think we’re faking since we “look good.” I’m so glad we’re never invisible and always believed and understood by God. Thank you for your understanding.

  3. Right on, Laura! VERY well said! Two thumbs waaaay up with much gratitude to you!
    Many thanks and warm hugs to you, sister!
    <3 J

  4. I would like to talk to other people on this site but I haven’t figured out how it works yet.

  5. That was so apt for my need tonight. Though Ihave had a CRT a Pacemaker fitted a little while ago, the heart failure seems to be getting worse with energy levels steadily declining which in turn affects other areas. Saw Dr this morning but seems little more they can do. So was feeling pretty low , your message therefore was so helpful. Bless you!!!!!

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