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  1. I am so glad someone has finally mentioned this. I think sometimes “the un-ill” not like the un-dead, but you know who I am talking about. They seem to think you are lazy if you are homebound, because lets face it some of us don’t “look” that sick. And then, if I try to explain, if even there is anyone who actually will listen, they look at me like I am a hypochondriac. I am sure they are thinking to them selves “how can anyone have that many problems?” I had a sister in law once tell me about a friend who had RA, Fibro, and MS and still could work. She looked at me like I was a fake or worse, lazy. I have RA and Fibro, plus many other things that keep me home bound. When someone talks to me like that, I then start to second guess myself, and the enemy sure loves that foot hold.I feel less than a person. I would love to say ” I am far from lazy.” The trouble with most of us is if we try to have a “normal”day we end up in bed for two days or more.
    Thanks for sharing this, I think you can tell this is a sore spot with me. Praise the Lord, He is my Strength with a capital “S”

    • Very true. I’ve stayed home since the end of October 2001. It is not fun indeed. Money is the number one problem. In my case my husband is the only one working. Children are still at school. He is a bit difficult man. You can imagine!

  2. Sarah – I couldn’t have said it better myself! If you have a “list” of multiple diagnosis, they think, “no one can have that many things wrong”. We can take comfort I the fact that we are not alone! Thank you for your words!

  3. Karen, wonderful devotional! For many years I heard about how lucky I was being home. Or the flip side; if I worked our family would have more. Guilt there! But I have not been able to work for many years, Now I am in a wheelchair I don’t hear comments like that nearly as often. I am sorry that you do. But you are doing a wonderful thing writing notes and keeping in touch with others by phone. It truly helps those of us who cannot get out! It is great to get a call or a note, we are not forgotten!

    Sandra Platt

  4. Oh Yes, this is a touching and very real and personal to me along with so many others! I know people must think many different things about my being home-some truly do understand! I have learned more about reaching out from home rather than reaching out with a personal hug which I like to do! I am a person who enjoys being with people and I do look forward 98% for my Physical Therapy for recovery from Rotator Cuff surgery in July. I do have different autoimmune diseases-Fibromyalgia & probably Chronic Fatigue. That goes with Spinal Stenosis and OA. At home we see so much that needs to be done but we can’t necessarily do it all for strength or ability reasons; I find that especially challenging right now as my right arm can’t do what it used to do, for now at least. I really appreciate my left arm in a new way now! God brought to mind this verse I have just thought of in Psalms 31:15 I believe-“My times are in His hands.” God knows where He needs us to be and will be there with us even when we feel lonely and want to be with others. I need to be more comfortable in just carrying on a conversation with my heavenly Father Who longs for his children to talk to Him. There’s more I want to write but need to come apart and prepare for sleep & an appt. with my surgeon tomorrow. That, too, can be hard when we have more medical appts. than dates to be with a friend. I am thankful for those who are part of God’s plan to keep me going. They can become friends themselves! God bless You and all who appreciate Rest Ministries!

  5. Thanks Sandra for your good words!

  6. It’s true most of us don’t appear sick. I’ve had those comments. How can you be sick and unable to work one day and seem fine the next day. Of course they think you’re faking it for whatever reason. But the fact is I know and God knows. That’s all that really matters. People are just people. They may not understand but God understands. It is to Him that we are accountable. The rest will have to wait.

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