4 Responses to Reflecting on the Goodness and Mercies of God

  1. This is beautiful Bronlynn 🙂
    To reflect on, and reflect to, others – will have me looking at those reflections differently the next time I’m seeing them.
    Certainly that Lake sounds like my kind of place! I’m thankful it’s nearby and been such a blessing for you.
    Praying for you,

  2. Bronlynn, this spot sounds like my kind of place too although I have spent almost no times in the mountains. I just love being in a beautiful place in God’s creation.

    I also am blessed by Dr. Jeremiah’s devotionals, messages and articles.

    Our Thanksgiving season here in Canada is over, but I always ponder on gratitude when yours comes a few weeks later.

    Our son came all the way from Mexico last week to help us downsize some of our “stuff”. He was such a help! He took everything out of our shed and moved it all to the deck. Normally, for weeks by this time of year, we’re well into cold weather and snow, but, by God’s providence we had no rain, snow (on the ground or in the air) and just needed winter jackets and gloves to keep us warm. Two things to be thankful for. We also got a lot done and a truckload taken to the dump. Two more. The latter cost us ¼ of what we were expecting. Number five. And it was so good to have Jim around for awhile. I was amazed also that I was able to make quick decisions to give up most of our Christmas decorations, a good many of which will be enjoyed by others as they went to a second hand store to raise money for a women’s shelter.

    So there are seven things I’m grateful for!!

    A reflection of God’s enabling grace!

    Thanks hon.

    • Beth,

      So glad to hear you had an enjoyable and productive time with your son! Yes, God’s grace enables us to be thankful, and sometimes it’s easier to have that attitude than others ;).


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