14 Responses to Anxious About the Coming Christmas?

  1. Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to hear today!

  2. Thank you, Fiona. I was just feeling so anxious about a circumstance we’re in and begging God to help me and calm my troubled heart. God reminded me that in this world there will be tribulation, but to be of good cheer, because He has overcome the world. And now I read your encouraging post. It was so good for my soul to be reminded that NOTHING shall ever separate us from Christ’s love.

    Lisa, I’m glad you’re back. I’ve been worried about you and thought maybe the devotions weren’t coming because you were not able to keep up with it anymore. May God give you strength to keep going! It can’t be easy for you at all.

    May all of you have an Advent season filled with Christ’s hope, love, and peace!

    • Thanks Trudy, it seems this is something I need to keep being reminded of lately and I’m glad God’s part in Lisa’s timing of this devotional was able to reinforce it just when you needed it. I love how He does that!

  3. Glad the blog is back. It is so helpful.
    I get times of panic attacks with my heart failure sometimesand I see the Dr as it is horrible. It seems to be related to various things. Fluid retention, certain pain killers, eg Co-codamol or once it was that I was anaemic. I have a supply of diazepam, which helps. Don’t know if any of this helps.
    Every blessing Stuart

    • Thanks Stuart – it is great to have the devotionals back.
      Not a lot I’m able to take when this happens, just have to ride it out and try to calm my mind with reminders of all God has promised and is doing for me. Sometimes that works better than others – but I keep trying πŸ™‚

  4. Fiona, such a beautiful and timely devotional. Thank you for sharing those thoughts and God’s reassurance for you through his word.
    Praying for you my friend. Hugs di

    • Thanks so much Di πŸ™‚
      I wrote this pretty much as God was speaking to me and afterwards was wondering why it was easier to write, than to put into practice at times. At least it’s reinforcing it in my mind and I keep hoping it helps better next time!
      Sending hugs and prayers your way too,

  5. Just what I needed to hear!!!

  6. I’ve just come back from the supermarket where I bought our Christmas cake. This is the first time in 25 years of marriage that I have had to give in to my health and not bake our own cake. I drive home in tears ? I know it inly seems a tiny thing but I used to live cooking and I miss it alot. Feel a complete failure. Don’t like this person I’ve become. Want to go back to how I used to be ?

    • Heather, praying that you will know you are not a failure – we are each always special in God’s eyes, no matter how much we can do, or not do.

      Not sure if this helps at all, but I found I needed to focus more on the fact that I HAD been able to do the things I did do, for however long, rather than seeing just the fact that I no longer could. It didn’t happen quickly, but I’m praying you will be able to celebrate the 24 years you did bake the Christmas cake, no matter how the store-bought one tastes this year!

  7. Fiona, I am in much the same place, and this devotional was a precious reminder to keep my eyes on Jesus. I love you dear friend, thank you for sharing from your heart. You are in my heart and in my prayers.

    Sandy Platt

    • Thanks dear Sandy πŸ™‚
      Seems we all need these reminders – regularly – but I’m so glad that God is ever patient with us.
      Praying for you too dear friend.

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