6 Responses to Where is God in the Weariness of December?

  1. Oh Angie, your message struck a deep chord with me! Thank YOU!! 🙂

    When I read “Can we please fast-forward to January?” I thought “YES!” Sad, but true, especially as the “well me” used to LOVE December which starts with my birthday, has Aussie summer holidays, Christmas, my brother’s birthday & a family camping holiday trip! Now?! Well….. “Can we please fast-forward to January?” I miss out on soooo much of the celebrations these days &… when I’m honest… it’s tough…. really tough!

    But….. “Our God is faithful to supply His strength when we are weak. And we will make it through December . . . because “He has helped us thus far” (1 Samuel 1:12).” AMEN! Thanks for your wonderful message. God bless. Lotsoluv Kerryn

    • Kerryn, I pray that that Lord will surprise you, and all of us struggling, with His rest and joy. He understands our weariness and He promises to supply His all-sufficient grace. Love and hugs to you!

    • Sweet Kerryn, I thought I’d replied to your comment but I don’t see it here, so I’ll try again! I so understand missing out on the activities during the holidays. It has gotten easier with time though, and it’s has allowed me to see the small blessings along the way. It encouraged me to read the verse, “He has helped us thus far.” And I know HE will help you during these difficult days. So nice to “meet” you! Sending love to you from Texas 🙂 Proverbs 3:5-6

      • Angi, thanks for your 2 sweet replies! 🙂

        It now IS January 1st & I survived December with it’s highs & it’s lows, laughter & tears! I did make it to our family Christmas gathering & for that I’m TRULY thankful to God, for it was surely His help that got me there.

        By the way Proverbs 3:5-6 are my life verses & Psalm 3:3 was the verse the Lord gave me to cling onto when I first became ill! SPECIAL! Thanks. God bless. Lotsoluv Kerryn

  2. Your post touched me so much that I could not post a response after I read it! I was working so hard to cover all the bases this Christmas! I have been a Pastors’ wife for 26 years, used to celebrate all month working with childrens choir, have a big Open House, caroling, Sunday School parties. I loved it all. I cannot do any of those things now, and I so miss it. But as I cried over the losses yesterday, I slowly began to unwind the tenseness and find the blessings. Thank you so much for sharing your heart,

    Sandra Platt

    • Oh Sandra, as I read your post my heart ached for you. Losing our health is definitely something we grieve over. It’s painful to miss out on events and activities that our hearts want to take part in, but our bodies say ,”no way!” I still cry at times when I see how my illness of 18 years has marked my family. But the Lord has brought me to the point of acceptance… and with that acceptance came His peace. I pray that Jesus will fill your heart with His quiet peace and joy this Christmas, and even surprise you with His sweet love in a way that you feel His very presence. May God bless you abundantly as you trust in Him. Jesus loves YOU my sister in Christ! Psalm 3:3 “But you, Lord, are a shield around and the lifter of my head.”

      My ALL for Him,

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