5 Responses to Can We Face A New Year With Hope?

  1. Thank you Fiona, I do love the way you direct our focus here. Yes, even though we all have Chronic issues, Christ’s hope is for every day we are here on this earth! Thank you for that reminder of this precious gift we have in our Lord.
    Praying sweet blessings for you dear friend. Hugs Di

    • Thanks Di – your comments are always so encouraging! 🙂
      I think I needed to read this myself today as my first day of the new year is proving a real challenge – so need to remember and hold on to that hope.
      Praying for you too dear friend,

  2. Fiona, I know that my hope for this new year is not as robust as I would like it to be.

    Some things that would strengthen it: spending quality time with the Lord and his Word; intimate prayer time;, asking Him to make me a doer and not just a hearer of his Word, i.e., going beyond my comfort zone; taking advantage of time with others, Christians and non-Christians to steer conversations to the things that really matter, with his wisdom to guide me.

    I’m sure there are other things too . I’m hoping to see more comments on this devotional.

    It’s good to remember that God has us in exactly the place he wants us, with our particular circumstances. His strength shows up best in weak people. Hallelujah!

    Be blessed by your summer Fiona. It certainly hasn’t been summer here, especially lately. But I was so grateful for Christmas Day and Boxing Day when we had fresh snow and sunshine.

    • Beth, I love your honesty and the insights you’ve shared here to be intentional about in this year (or every year!!)

      “God has us exactly the place He wants us” – remembering that should bring us hope, rather than the feelings of depression about our physical limitations – such a great suggestion/reminder.

      Glad you enjoyed some “fresh snow and sunshine” for your Christmas Beth – I wish I could send you some of our sunshine hours to brighten your day and lift those feelings – and I’d love some of your cool weather in return. But I guess we need to just appreciate what we have each been given, until we reach our eternal home, where we’ll never need to think about the weather anymore – because it will be perfect every day, for every one!

      Thanks so much for your helpful thoughts you share with us Beth 🙂
      Praying for you now.

  3. Hi again Fiona,

    I just wanted to add something that I think is relevant.

    I’m having a sobbing spell and thinking about the reason. I suffer with seasonal affective disorder and we are getting only 7 hr, and 40 minutes of daylight right now. I slept late this morning and missed some of it.

    Christmas and New Year’s are now over and I feel disappointed and “let down” after the build up and going through the season.

    However, the Lord reminded me that this world is not my home and He has created within each of us a longing for the perfection of heaven and eternity. This, of course, includes pure, unmarred fellowship with Him. Although He wants the Holy Spirit to grow spiritual fruit like joy and peace in our lives, life will not be complete until we see our Saviour face to face.

    Luv ya,

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