5 Responses to Do You Feel Like You Have an Expiration Date?

  1. Great devotional, Shelly! I have had those very thoughts lately. But in seeing my own mortality clearer, I feel God has almost given me a gift to make the most of my time here on earth. Many people unaware of the time they have left just waste their days feeling they will never end. God Bless!

  2. Shelly I really love the mental picture I was given as I read your devotional.
    It reminded me of a butterfly garden;
    When they release the butterflies!
    Just letting all those fears and concerns flutter away, and our Lord simply using His BIG butterfly net to take them.
    Thank you for sharing this!
    Hugs and blessings. Di

  3. Shelley A subject many try to hide but clearly God’s Word reveals our time is in his hands. For some , our fragility, our weakness, our stricken vessels heightens our awareness of our exit one day to be with the Lord . Courageously and with faith you encourage us and thank you. You are His and may he bless you with an abundance of spiritual.blessings. Take care and keep.me in your prayers.

  4. Shelly, thank you for tackling this topic….. that I must say I don’t really want to face! Yet, at the same time, I try to live with “no regrets” doing things in such a way that I won’t look back & regret that I didn’t do or say something. It’s very freeing to let go of the fear & live with no regrets. I know I did that when my father was dying…. I wanted “no regrets” when he died, so said & did all I could to let him know I loved him etc etc. Oh….. I’m teary again….. still from reading your more recent devotional! Another time I travelled into a really dangerous area, knowing I may be risking my life, yet knowing it was important to go…. long story! Facing the fear & trusting God was very freeing. I pray I can live like that every day. May God encourage you today in whatever you’re going through dear Shelly. God bless. LOTSoluv Kerryn

  5. Having read your devotion it is a reminder not only does God have our days numbered He has them planned out. It is wonderful to know God knows each task I will accomplish and also how I will do so. Stress released.

    Thank you for sharing, being a sufferer of IH it always hits home when another in the same sandbox is not only playing with toys but is sharing with a smile.

    God bless

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