6 Responses to What Gift Could I Give God This Year?

  1. So much you’ve shared here for us to think about Lynn ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was drawn to your comment about “how God guides me by the stars of my faith in Him” – especially considering how long the journey was for those wise men following the star – certainly an encouragement to keep on persevering. As He has guided and directed our lives in the past and present, so He will continue to do in our futures too!

    Looking forward to seeing how God guides each of us in this new year.

  2. What a beautiful reflection Lynn! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    You asked “What is a major prayer you bring to the Lord for this new year?” It has me really thinking!! I’m not sure, but I do know that it’s something about restoration, which is the word God keeps giving me for this year. I guess I’m asking that God will help me to restore anything that He wants me to work on! EEEK! I wonder what that will be?! I guess He’s also saying that He wants to restore back to me & my family some things that have been “lost” over recent years.

    I guess your prayer sums it up perfectly. I want to persevere with God in the tough times & go deeper with my Lord in my faith. I know that means being more patient & seeing the importance of waiting & NOT running ahead of Him! Easier said than done! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I needed this message tonight! God bless. LOTSoluv Kerryn

  3. Kerryn – thanks for sharing what you feel the Lord is asking of you/what your prayer is for this year – a more intentional focus of prayer, that is.
    I understand why “restoration” would come at this time for you and your family with all the changes and challenge that have filled these past two years and these most recent months. I join you in support of that prayer. I know your “star of faith” and deep dependence and trust in the Lord will have Him manifesting Himself in new and very BRIGHT ways. Hang on to Him ( as you always do ) – as we all hope we do well – and let’ see what He does. We know it will be good and yes, require patience while He sets all in place – much as all the stars are set in their place.

    Thanks for the effort to stop by and share your thoughts – always encourages me!
    xo Lynn

  4. Lynn, I really like this message. I honestly never thought about my “gift” as you have helped me “see” through the eyes and hearts of those kings, and all they brought with them.
    Recently I heard a sermon concerning the Kings. the pastor spoke about the kings and that many people would’ve been with them. Their servants, warriors for protection , Family. Each granted a once in lifetime opportunity to worship the living Savior. I’d never really thought about who had travelled with them??
    Like each of us, perhaps they too had their own gifts to offer

    Lynn, Your gifts of trust, joy, obedience.
    Are inspiring as well. Thank you for sharing.
    I pray my own gifts will be pleasing to Him as well.
    Blessings dear friend.
    Hugs Di

    • Thank you, Diane!
      I had not thought of this myself – kind of took the story of the Magi for granted but not with new eyes.
      Now I am having eyes for what you shared. What a great insight to realize that these men would not have traveled alone, esp. if their journey was long as is often indicated. Many lives were changed that “star filled night” – or whenever the arrival occurred.

      May we bring many on the journey we travel and/or be grateful for those who choose to accompany us and make the journey brighter.
      Hugs – Lynn

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