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  1. Lots of days are really hard and I can’t even imagine doing it without God’s strength. I would like to comment more, but just signing in is complicated for me some days. I wish we could sign in once and have it covered. I had a 17 hour brain surgery 10 years ago, and one could say, in view of that, I am doing well. I don’t have much physical pain, just some fibro stuff that keeps me from sleeping. One side of my body is lame causing some issues, but my heart is on that side and God must have wanted me to live thru this because I begged Him to take me in the hospital. I had a 1% chance to live when I was born…but here I am in living color 64 years later. I have 2 yorkies and a cat who are great little helpers in lonliness. I manage to live on my own, tho I have had to downsize. A few years ago, about 4 or so, I started getting really frustrated with all my complications, so my daughter came to move me to her place. Her husbands leukemia came back and it was too complicated for me to live in the chaos there. I live in a county that has the greatest social services and everybody there helps me alot! In my alone times, Jesus gets me thru. I couldn’t do any of this without Him.

  2. Shelly – loved how you shared this reality.
    I can think of nothing I do that is NOT God’s strength helping me move among other activity.
    While I am so engaged, He is so real that it is as if I am not “there” at all for all I “feel” is the weakness but then there is the strength and joy.
    It is beyond human understanding unless we have experienced Him in these ways.

    I can’t say it enough – congratulations for the publication of your books.
    What a testimony to what you have just written. I know it is not only His gift to you to write so beautifully – but His strength to you to get it done and out and now OUT to so many more who will be blessed as the read. I am so happy Lisa can carry your book here at RM in their store for the readers to get word about it being available. HOORAY!


    • Thank you, sweet Lynn!!! <3 Your friendship is such a balm to me. You are SO right about His intervention being beyond human understanding unless we have experienced Him in these ways. Perfectly said. And in light of that, how blessed we are!!! Wow. Much to contemplate.

      Love and Heart Hugs, Shelly <3

  3. Oh Shelly!! Your devotional made me teary from the first few words, then I began gut-wrenching tears that came out of nowhere! You’ve touched a really deep chord in me (via the Holy Spirit) that needed to be touched tonight during a tough time living away from my family, to avoid chemicals from house renovations, while our house is being sold. I’m typing through tears, as tonight’s situation, that is too complex to explain, has had me feeling totally useless & really lonely!

    I’d asked God to speak to me in a tangible way….. preferably with a neon sign!! He used you to bless me! So “the next time I just can’t do something, I hope I remember the truth: “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13). ”

    Your prayer of: “Lord, please keep pouring Your strength into our worn-thin places. We can do this, because we are not alone. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”….. spoke deeply into my soul & was healing balm. 🙂 I am “worn-thin”, but God is my strength & I am NOT alone! Hallelujah!! There’s even a smile through the tears! Thank you for your gift of writing dear Shelly! You always speak deeply into my soul, which I know is the Holy Spirit speaking through your words from a place of deep suffering. Keep writing Shelly! God bless you abundantly. LOTSoluv Kerryn

    • Oh, Kerryn, your comment has ME in tears right along with you!!! God is SO amazing, connecting our hearts a world apart. I love you and am praying for you. <3 Heart Hugs, Shelly

      • Oh thanks dear Shelly!

        I meant to tell you that I bought your ebook about being chronically ill quite a while ago & truly look forward to reading it. However, life currently isn’t allowing the energy I need to focus on reading. (I’m needing all of my energy to care for myself as best I can, while living away from my beloved hubby & eldest son, who normally are my carers.) It will happen in God’s perfect timing! I’m DELIGHTED that you have been sooooo determined to get them published!! God job girl!!! 🙂 God bless. LOTSoluv Kerryn

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