5 Responses to How Can Illness Possibly be a Treasure?

  1. God has shown me that there are wonderful helpers all around me, people I’d have never met without my present needs. Also the treasures I have in God’s little ‘muses’, namely, my precious pets who are my helpers, they help to keep my mind off my difficulties. They are constant companions. Could I ask for prayer to find my little Iris, she is a sweet kitty who ran away from the place I rehomed her at, she is out in the winter cold. I saw her once, she was rehomed 10 miles away! I read it is nothing for a pet to go any distance for their owners, isn’t that AMAZING? ISN’T GOD AMAZING!

    • Linda, I’m so glad that God has sent you helpers! I have met some my best friends because of this illness. And yes, I will pray that little Iris comes home! Bless you.

  2. I pray Iris returns as I truly know what comfort our fur babies bring to us. I pray for your comfort and healing.

  3. thank you for prayers for my Iris! I have one lady who is my age who has now helped me for 10 years, she is my best friend too….and I want to thank rest ministries for making signing in easier, hugs and kisses to you! I had the 17 hour brain surgery to remove an orange size meningioma, it is hard to have to sign in each time I come here, but you guys keep me afloat with the Word, and commentaries…………………………………..Feb. 14, it will be 10 years since surgery and miraculously, I have done ok.

  4. Linda. It is a blessing to read your commentary about your struggles and triumphes. Please remember God never leaves us. Jesus is our best friend and greatest helper. Hold on in faith for all he plans for you. Blessings, Beth.

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