7 Responses to Opening Our Eyes to Signs From God

  1. Laura I so enjoyed reading this devotional. I believe the geranium was a sign from God to. Yes I have had signs from God also some that I never ask for. One I recall asking for he kept showing it to me but I was over looking it going past it till I finally took time to check it out there it was all the while.

    • Laura, thank you for writing.
      I have had that too…..the sign was there but I failed to notice it. Thankfully God is patient.
      Blessings to you.

  2. I call my unborn granddaughter Ladybug. Last week I was having a bad day with my RA and my daughter told her baby to pray for her Gramee. I did not know this but noticed my pup looking at something on the rug. Yep it was a lady bug crawling by in the dead of winter. God heard and I was comforted.

  3. Such a beautiful story Laura of just how personal God’s care is for us. God knew what would be special for you and the memories you hold.

    I know sometimes I’m so pre-occupied with other things that I may miss God’s signs, but I hope that as I can look back on those special signs I’ve seen in the past, I become more focused on looking for the next one, because I know God has given them before.


  4. How true about needing to listen more and be observant for signs and messages from God. It’s funny how just this past Sunday, our pastor mentioned about the significance of signs from God during his sermon. We were talking about prayer and the need to be quiet and listen for God’s answers at my Bible study group at a nursing home where I visit just yesterday and I wish I had received this before I went because I would have talked about this also. Next time I will. Thank you!

  5. Laura, I love this experience of yours. Thank you for sharing it.

    Do you remember the commercial for Baskin-Robins ice cream? The one that said, “My begonia bloomed!! Let’s go to Baskin-Robbins!” (Tee hee)

    We thought we would have a brown Christmas, but the Lord brought us snow on Christmas Eve and then we had bright, beautiful days to enjoy it on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. That was a sign to me that God knows what I love and provided it just at the right time.

    It seems to be so much easier to focus on the negatives when we have to deal with chronic illness and pain every day, but like many, I’m asking the Lord to show me his positive blessings and be thankful.

  6. I believe I had one this morning. I have moved, and my precious kitty ran from the place I rehomed her at 6 months ago, I have seen her once since, and this morning I believe those were her footprints in the snow under my window. I miss her sooooo much……

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