6 Responses to You Were Designed for Goodness

  1. Dorothea,
    Thanks for this wonderful reminder that God knows our limits and He still finds things for us to do for Him.

    I liked your plea, to “Use my limits for Your glory” – and glad that includes you writing for RM and in other places.

    Praying for you as you adjust to your new limitations, and are open to how God wants you to still use you 🙂

  2. I am so sorry you have more limitations to deal with. I am here if you want to talk, I too am walking this path and I am ahead of you. I will extend a loving arm my friend.

    Keeping you in prayer,
    Sandy Platt

  3. Thanks to you Dorothea.
    Sharing your message.
    And God loves us so much even were not perfect. And we have God to encourage us to Increased our Faith and to Trust him completely.
    Thank you ? so much Lisa.

  4. Dorothea – your message hits home with all of us as we each face wondering how our fragile bodies ( and often emotions ) can give God glory. Where is the goodness that once we viewed with different eyes. Dealing with “more” ( as has come into your life and also to some others among our readers ) gives rise for that question to be real.

    I struggle with it, as well, and as I do I am drawn to remembering it is God’s goodness – the goodness He won for each of us in his own agonies, we find a competed work. We are still moving through our purposes here on earth and have not a clue as to what He is bringing out of our suffering and our feeling limited in what we can “do” compared to what we once could do.

    “Doing” – what a complex word with limited meanings. Our trust in Him, our faith in Him, our acceptance of what we cannot understand may be the greatest “work” we ever do. And even in that, it is always His strength and faithfulness that pulls us through – tangible or not to others eyes – in our relationship with Him “we” work it out together. This is much as you said – don’t mean to repeat it but this is what came to my heart.

    Love and continuing prayers for each of your days –

  5. Such an encouraging message at this time when my heart failure is getting worse and I feel completely exhausted most of the time. Thank you and bless you.

  6. Dorothea, just beautiful! Thank you friend for the hopefulness you have projected.
    Praying for you, his sweet and humble servant ,as God uses you mightily.
    God bless, di

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