7 Responses to Is the Remedy You Seek for Your Illness Within Your Grasp?

  1. That’s sooooo true Di! Often people seek everyone else over the Lord when it comes to help for illnesses. What a special task God had for you there that day! May God open up new solutions & avenues to bring about greater health & comfort for you. God bless. Lotsoluv Kerryn

    • Thanks Kerryn, for your prayers. I know when I go next God has already arranged divine appointments. Just as each here, I’m sure, experiences.
      I pray that God will open all our eyes and hearts to those special moments; And most of all, for those who dont know our Lord, that they will know his presence and love.
      Be blessed my friend. Di

  2. Diane, I felt I was with you at the clinic as you, among others, were seeking help after long waits – sometimes years – and longing for answers to prayers long delayed. You remain in our prayers for this journey.

    As you expressed how you chose to look and see the others, wonder about their stories and their pains, their searching and then praying for them – it seemed as if those rooms became a sanctuary with God’s light streaming in. I am sure the atmosphere was changed as You invited Him in. I ( and others) join you in praying a work was begun in each one there that day.

    Love, Lynn

    • Lynn I love that thought!
      The clinic like a ” sanctuary” with the Lord’s my light and life shining in!
      I will hold that thought when I return!
      Thank you for joining in prayer. We know God hears those petitions.
      Praying for you too my friend.

  3. I love that verse Di – it’s such a wonderful picture of how God will restore us – whether that’s now, soon, or with His “eternal remedy”!

    This was a timely assurance for me just now, so thanks for sharing your visit with us. I’m sure people were blessed by your prayers for them that day – even if they don’t know it yet 🙂

    Continuing prayers for your next visit, dear friend.

    • Fiona,
      so thankful of God’s timing and that this was able to minister to you.
      It’s amazing how one appointment changes our views and opens our eyes, granting us a little glimpse of what God sees each day.
      It is good, as you said, his remedy for us may be now, or future, or in eternity.
      Regardless of which one we know He loves us and uses everything to grow us.
      Praying for rest and peace for you!
      God bless, Di

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