6 Responses to When Disaster Strikes On Top of Our Battle with Illness

  1. Such a great song to go with this Lisa – had heard the song before, but the video gives it extra impact!
    Thanks for all you do in putting these together for us 🙂

  2. Oh Fiona, I so enjoyed the words and comfort from these verses. Thank you for sharing and reminding how David trusted, and praised even in his darkest times. That we too are blessed to have a Savior who hears and loves us. Who comforts in all times.
    Blessings my friend, and hugs to you this Valentine’s day! Di

    • Thanks Di☺
      There is so much comfort and encouragement to get us through those difficult times we face – as long as we remember He’s always there for us.
      Sending hugs back to you dear friend.

  3. Great message, as usual, Fiona! Thanks 🙂

    Such a good reminder of the story of David from the Psalms & 1 Samuel 24! Poor David really went through a tough time! As I was reading through I thought “I sure can relate having had disasters lately!” Then I caught myself….. or rather God caught my thoughts & I was reminded of a lovely older gentleman in our church who once spoke to me about his perspective now that he’s older. If something feels like a disaster at the time he thinks “will I remember this & be impacted hugely by it in 5-10 years time & often the answer is no!” It was something that’s helped me when I’m in panic mode….. it calms the drama for me & helps me to think more calmly. It doesn’t take away the REALLY tough situation at the time, but it helps me to more calmly come to God to acknowledge Him & His love for me, which removes the fear. Sooooo much in scripture to encourage us through the disasters in our lives. Thanks for sharing those verses that help me today. Amen & amen to your prayer! God bless! LOTSoluv Kerryn

    • Thank Kerryn☺
      So much to learn from the life of David.
      Great perspective from your friend – and I was thinking about how much more we see God’s handiwork when we look back after an event.
      So glad we have no reason to fear – just wish I always remembered that!
      Blessings dear friend,

      • Yes, Fiona…. always good to “see God’s handiwork when we look back after an event.”

        Ditto to your comment: “So glad we have no reason to fear – just wish I always remembered that!” ;–) LOTSoluv Kerryn

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