Where Are You Searching For Coping Tips For Your Illness?


Everyone seems to have coping tips when we are ill, but there is only one that will really help us through--just One--God Himself. How often have we wondered why we are in the situation that causes us great pain in many different aspects of life? Scripture tells us “But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well," (Matthew 6:33). But what does this mean exactly? How are you coping with your illness? When I first started having back problems, I was a young man with a bright future ahead of me. I had just got married and not long after found out I was expecting my first child. Then out of nowhere, my back problems began. I was in so much pain in the mornings that I would roll on the … [Read more...]

Why Patience Is Still Needed After Forgiveness


When you have been hurt, and then you have offered forgiveness, what do you do when it still eats away at you? By Renee Fisher Forgiveness doesn’t have to be the end of the story when you have forgiving someone who has hurt you. In fact, it’s actually the beginning. But you jump to conclusions or the obvious “Sunday school” answer--that Jesus died and rose again so that our sins could be forgive--let’s dig a little deeper. If you attended church for more than a few Sundays like I have--there’s a pretty good chance you’ve been hurt by someone in the church. Maybe your pastor committed adultery and left your church hanging (this actually happened to me). Maybe someone on staff at church called you names and sad ugly things about … [Read more...]

How to Forgive Yourself When You Haven’t Been Perfect


What happens when we fail? Is God happy when we put our self down to pay the price? Nope. Guest author, Renee Fisher, shares By Renee Fisher The only person you have control over is yourself. The only attitude you can control is your own. We can’t control what other people do, how they act, or what they feel. We can only make choices for ourselves. For instance, Paul knew his story was less than perfect. Before his conversion, he persecuted Christians! But he didn’t let the sins of the past stop him from becoming a mighty Christ-follower. He received the title of apostle because he wasn’t afraid to truly let God transform him. He gave his weaknesses to God and became a new man. The former enemy of Christians became one of the most … [Read more...]

Songs to Remind You That You are Beautiful!


Here are few songs that may put some of your emotions into words. Hope it is a nice reminder that you are beautiful just the way you are. Natalie Grant shares "The Real Me" Do you speak more negatively to yourself than you do to others? What are some negative statements that you could turn to positive ones? This is a touching song from Natalie Grant, “The Real Me.” The video includes the lyrics. We hope it is comforting to you. She wrote this after recovering from bulimia. Christina Aguilera sings "Beautiful" This pop tune may sound familiar but the lyrics may have passed over you. Christina sings of how you can feel beautiful and then someone says something about your looks, and boom--you are crushed. This song is a reminder to not … [Read more...]

Are You Able to Laugh at Your Own Body Image?


Lisa's body image was hurting to the point where she wanted to avoid where God wanted her to be. I don't share this photo with you because I am proud of my puffy face. But rather, because it is a fact of life and I have to "get over myself" for God to be able to use my experience. In thinking about how we cope with our body image when we are ill I remembered this experience. A few years ago when I was fighting the results of increased doses of prednisone, I was to speak at the church I grew up in. My pastor who helped "raise me" spiritually sat in the audience, as well as my parents. My husband and son (my son fell asleep!) and parents of many people I went to school with from kindergarten through twelfth grade. To say I wanted to … [Read more...]

Am I Vain if I Am Stressed Out About My Appearance From Illness?


When your body is in consistent pain it can be hard to feel beautiful. Many years ago I would put on a pair of nylons (a.k.a pantyhose)-- even with my jeans--my shoes had a bit of a heel, and my hair had a whole lot of hairspray (it was the eighties after all). I thought I was rockin'. But I haven't been able to wear shoes with any kind of heel for nearly twenty years. Add to the fact that my feet are deformed so I walk funny, and because of that my balance tends to come and go. I can just be standing and have a knee or an ankle go out from under me. I have even explained to a few people (like at my son's scouts meeting that I really hadn't been drinking, because that is what it looks like!) You gotta laugh! A few years back, trying … [Read more...]

Are We Stylin’ Even Though We Are Ill?


Just because we are ill doesn't mean that we have to feel ugly and wear frumpy clothes all the time. As part of our series about chronic illness and body image and self-esteem, we wanted to share with you one of our Pinterest boards. It's called "Stylin' Even Though We Are Ill." I know how hard it is to try to put together an outfit just to go out for dinner. I only have one pair of shoes, a few pairs of pants (2 that look sloppy) and a handful of shirts. Shopping is nearly impossible. It's hard to try on clothes, hard to find the size that fits in all the right places, and has buttons and zippers I can manage, in a color that doesn't wash me out. I understand. It takes some effort. Actually, a lot of effort perhaps. But you will … [Read more...]

Do You Want to Be Beautiful? Video Reminder


Have your forgotten what it feels like to be beautiful? As part of our summer series we are sharing how to gain perspective on who we are, despite how our body may feel. In this video, artist Bethany Dillon sings "Beautiful." We all have things that may make us feel like we cannot even be beautiful-- and it doesn't just have to do with our body. It can be our circumstances, how we are treated; our true beauty can even be hidden under the makeup or the life we try to show the outside world. Our physical pain of our illness can make us feel ugly inside and bitter--and that can make it impossible for us to be beautiful, no matter how our body may shine. This is a great video about how we are always beautiful to God and sometimes we … [Read more...]

Self-Esteem and Chronic Illness: Where Does Faith Come In?


Lisa Copen Self-esteem and chronic illness can both impact our day to day life in drastic ways. Chronic illness has a way of zapping all kinds of things. It zaps our strength, energy, ability to fight disease, and it can zap our spirit--our zest for life. If we allow it. Before we can fully understand how illness impacts our self-esteem, however, we need to understand what self-esteem really is. Even though this word is well known to most of us, let's look again at what it really means. What is self esteem --really? Wikipedia describes self-esteem as. . . A term used in psychology to reflect a person's overall emotional evaluation of his or her own worth. It is a judgment of oneself as well as an attitude toward the self. Self-esteem … [Read more...]

4 Struggles A Chronically Ill Woman Has About Her Body Image


Having a healthy body image and self-esteem can be a challenge when you are chronically ill and your body seems out of your control. Lisa shares some of the hurdles in this new blog series this summer. Lisa Copen Who out there has something they would like to conceal? I'm not talking about a weapon, but a big old blackhead or a rash that won't go away? Got something you want to highlight? Tone up? If all else fails, cover up? Most of us. According to Dove research only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful and just 11% of girls globally are comfortable using the word beautiful to describe themselves. Summer is here, friends, and with it some of us start to wonder how we will get through the next few months of … [Read more...]

Summer Printables To Freshen Up a Room


Need to freshen up a room with a few summer printables? I have been working on freshening up the decor of my two bathrooms and an easy way is to create some summer printables. I thought I would share them with you in case you also want something cute for a beach-y bathroom. I often buy picture frames at the thrift stores and then just add a fresh coat of paint of whatever color I need. For these two, I just painted them with a glossy white. I tend to only buy Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2x Ultra Cover Aerosol Paint because it has a button that is big (and easy) for my fingers and it also covers well so most things only need one coat. I paid $.75 for both frames at the thrift store. I popped the glass out of one. On the other one, … [Read more...]

Project Declutter Link Party


Welcome to our link party for decluttering! Do you have a tip, trick, accomplishment, to share with those of us who are chronically ill? Link below to where ever you have posted your photos or descriptions, such as Flickr, Facebook, the Sunroom, Pinterest, etc. and we will be sure to check it out and pin it to our own board with declutter tips over at Rest Ministries. If you are linking to Facebook, Flickr, etc. make sure the "public" can view the photo without passwords or such. Thanks! And be sure to share the big button where you can and the little one if you post from your blog. (be sure to link it to this page!) An InLinkz Link-up … [Read more...]