Our First Hope Builder Award Goes To…


This week is National Volunteer Appreciation Week I am excited to announce the recipient of our first Hope Builder Award, Kerryn Wright If you visit our website restministries.com or our Sunroom (currently undergoing updates) Kerryn's name is familiar to you. We are so thankful she decided to "do something" here with us. "Kerryn seems to pop up everywhere!" says Lynn Severance. "She is very active in the Rest Ministries Sunroom. Her graphics either have us in stitches laughing or in tears--being reminded of the hope we have in Christ." "Kerryn is a noticeable presence as she regularly comments on the daily devotionals," shares fellow writer, Fiona Burrows. "She encourages the writers and other readers with how messages have … [Read more...]

When Healing Doesn’t Come The Way You Expect


Have you ever felt sure that God was going to heal you and then you waited . . . and waited . . . ? Welcome to our guest author for today's feature article, Jennifer Slattery. If you have the faith to move mountains, He said . . . Ask and it will be given, He said . . . If you’ve been in church for any length of time, you’ve probably heard these verses enough times to recite them in your sleep. But what happens when God appears to turn a deaf ear to our heart’s greatest cry? I’ve been sick for a while now, receiving my first diagnosis in the fall of 2012. Since then, it seems my body’s been in a frequent state of revolt. There have been times I’ve chosen to revolt right along with it! I’ll stamp my foot, frown toward heaven, … [Read more...]

Can You Do Ministry Through Tears


A new year. Another year. On Sunday evenings I open up an electronic device to see what appointments I must gather the strength for during the upcoming week. I once scheduled activities, paced myself for fun events. My calendar was always full. Full equaled a sense of worth. Empty spaces were meant to be filled or I felt guilty that I was squandering opportunities. As I filled up 2 weeks of my pill holders recently, I realized this is now how I measure the passing of time. Sometimes I look at those empty spaces in my pill holder, Monday . . . Tuesday . . . Wednesday. . . .and it's hard to comprehend that it has just been a week. There are weeks when so much life is thrown at me to juggle. Other times, as I fill my pill holder, I … [Read more...]

ARTICLE: Can Your Family Be Blessed Through Your Illness?


We often wonder how our illness can impact our children and our spouse. Guest writer, Jennifer Slattery, shares some of the blessings we may not see. Being a wife and mother, with all the expectations that come with it, is hard enough: Raise perfect, smiling, respectful, honor-roll kids. Cook the best, healthiest, cheapest meal possible. I could go on. But managing those things with chronic illness? You can’t. So toss your SuperMom cape in the shredder and celebrate--not your illness but rather, what God will do for your family through it. For God uses all things for good (Romans 8:28). Here’s how: To increase our compassion It’s easy to make our children the center of our world, because, well, they are. But children treated … [Read more...]

Why Our Devotional Writers Love It When You Comment


We love it when our readers leave a comment on the devotional because we know if we are meeting your needs. I asked our devotional writers to share what it means when someone leaves a comment for them on the devotional they have written and here is what they shared with me. Bridget Gazlay I know for me when I hear that something I wrote out of my own hurt and pain touches someone else--it makes my pain more tolerable. It's what keeps me writing! Laura Seil Ruszczyk I have been writing most of my life. I write when I am joyful, I write when I am sorrowful. I often say writing feeds my soul and it is highly personal at times. My devotionals are a part of me, they flow out of me and I always feel a sense of peace when they are … [Read more...]

11 Ways You Can Re-Purpose Our Devotionals


Devotionals are an opportunity to sit quietly and reflect on what God may be telling you today. They are never meant to take the place of the Word, but rather make us want to get out our Bibles and did a little deeper. Many people here at Rest Ministries use the daily devotionals as part their own quiet time and this is the purpose of them. Regardless of how you are feeling in a particular day, we hope that the devotional touches you right where and when you need encouragement. Our writers send in the devotionals and they appear on our website--sometimes within a day, or even a few weeks. But we are never surprised to hear how God has perfect timing, having the topic be exactly what someone needed to hear that very day. And since they … [Read more...]

Why We Include Videos with Each Devotional


The devotional videos give you time to rest in God's Word. Last year I began including videos at the end of each devotional. I know that some of you have a slow internet speed and watching them each day is not possible, but many of you have shared what a blessing they are. Why did I start adding the videos? 1. There are so many songs that express the emotions we are feeling. Music can have a tremendous affect on our mood. There are times when I can't find the words to pray, but I can sing along "a prayer" at the top of my lungs and know God hears it as a praise and a plea. 2. They keep us in touch with the Christian music we may have not heard. For many people there are no Christian radio stations that come in clearly (including … [Read more...]

How to Share RM’s Devotionals And Why It Helps


We so appreciate it when you share our devotionals! Each day we reach about 8,000 people with our devotionals and yet we know that there are so many people who still don't know that we exist. Nearly 1 in 2 people have a chronic condition, from back pain to heart disease, diabetes to joint stiffness that has yet to be diagnosed. That's why we really appreciate it when you share the devotionals because you never know who may desperately need the message it has that day. How are some ways you can share the devotional? If you are on any social networks like Facebook or Pinterest it is easy so I thought I would walk you through it. At the top of each devotional you will see these icons. If you are on Pinterest (about 25% of our … [Read more...]

How to Find Devotionals To Meet Your Mood


Do you ever think, "I really need to read something about ____"? We've been doing devotionals here at Rest Ministries for nearly 15 years and the last few years are archived here at our web site. That means that whatever emotion you are feeling it's likely that a devotional writer has felt that way before too--and written about it. I thought I would let you know that there are some easy ways to find devotionals on certain topics here at Rest Ministries. I think having some visuals makes it much easier to understand the areas on the web page I am sharing about so I have included some images to help. To see the most recent devotionals click on "devotionals" in the navigation bar (the blue one). This will post a list of all devotionals … [Read more...]

Does Your Devotional Email Look Like This?


Technology is always keeping us on our toes and a few years ago we changed how our devotionals were emailed to ensure that you received them. We did our best to let everyone know, but I still receive a few emails from people each week who I can tell are getting them with the older program. If you have a photo like this barn in your email, it's been by God's grace that you are still receiving the devotionals. You may have realized that you always receive them a day late (especially on those holidays). This program worked when it felt like it (some days on, some days off) and the whole business went defunct a few months ago. So, if you see this barn in your devotionals, here is what to do. In the email with the barn, scroll down to the … [Read more...]

Get to Know Our Devotional Writers


We are honored here at Rest Ministries that the devotionals touch your heart in so many ways. Over the next couple of weeks (Monday - Thursday) we will be taking a bit of time to feature some highlights about our devotionals, such as interesting things about our writers, how to share the devotionals, how to share them, and find devotionals that will fit your mood. I want to thank each writer who gives a piece of his or her heart in every devotional. I could never have daily devotionals without them and their gift of transparency, writing, and foundation in Christ. You can always read more about our writers here and find the best ways to contact them directly. Many have their own webpage, Facebook page, or they are in the Sunroom … [Read more...]

Where Are You Searching For Coping Tips For Your Illness?


Everyone seems to have coping tips when we are ill, but there is only one that will really help us through--just One--God Himself. How often have we wondered why we are in the situation that causes us great pain in many different aspects of life? Scripture tells us “But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well," (Matthew 6:33). But what does this mean exactly? How are you coping with your illness? When I first started having back problems, I was a young man with a bright future ahead of me. I had just got married and not long after found out I was expecting my first child. Then out of nowhere, my back problems began. I was in so much pain in the mornings that I would roll on the … [Read more...]