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Rest Ministries inspirational devotions are daily Christian devotions that been going out to thousands of people with chronic illness or pain each day since the late 1990s, all written by those walking alongside you living with chronic illness.

They provide refreshment, reminders of God’s faithfulness even in the most lonely moments, and maybe even a few giggles, for your illness journey.

“Each day the daily devotional is like salve to my soul. I have been struggling in the last month with depression due to chronic illness–bipolar illness. I recently signed up to receive your daily devotionals and each day I look forward to the uplifting feeling they bring.” T.F.

These devotionals will make you smile, sometimes shed a tear, but they will always be written by someone who understands living with daily chronic pain and illness and they will always direct you back to what we put our true hope in, our Savior.

“Dear Lisa, I’ve been crying since I read your devotional. What you said is what I have been wanting to say but could not put into words . . .” V.

“I too am going through an extremely difficult time in my illnesses. I was at the end of my physical and emotional hope and strength this morning. Really sinking in hopelessness. And then I took a moment to check my emails and there you were. A huge ray of sunshine and God’s timing. ” S.

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3 Responses to Read it or Get it!

  1. Wonderful to have found u. I have what’s called cfs , which means extreme fatigue due to various issues. Can’t work & socially limited. It gets discouraging

  2. I ran across your rest ministries while on-line I am thankful to have a daily verse coming to me. I am in the process of finding out about so many of my chronic conditions I am experiencing, I have been referred to Mayo-clinic. I do rest in my Lord Jesus Christ without Him I would be so depressed but with Christ I am lifted spiritually

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