Sunroom Social Network

The SunroomalreadymemberLooking for a place to connect with others who are ill and believe in Jesus?

Our Sunroom is a place to find friendship, support, tips, and encouragement. This is peer-to-peer encouragement but it far surpasses your typical message board.

“God puts the lonely in families” Psalm 68:6

We see that here every day. You may even have a family who lives under the same roof, and yet there are times when you may feel they don’t understand that part of your life where the chronic pain exists. We hope you will be able to find bonus family members here who will comfort you and bring you joy through those days of tears.

I hope you will find Rest Ministries Sunroom a true oasis. . .

We want this to be a place where you can lay your burdens down, where you can find true rest that comes through God alone (Psalm 62:5). You can share, vent, ask for prayer and so much more. I don’t know if you have ever sat in a Sunroom, but it is a place where you can enjoy the sunshine–or even the clouds.

You can rest and renew, without worrying about the heat, or the sunburn, or the wind, or even a few sprinkles. You enjoy the beauty, and yet you are sheltered from the harsher elements while you find renewal. So I hope this will be a place where you not only find tools to survive the emotions of your illness, but where it is a place to rest–and then choose to grow–when you being to feel renewed.

Why be a member?

We weren’t meant to do illness alone. Here you get an all access pass to our private Sunroom group, chats, and other events we organize.

Is membership really free?

Yes! We do not charge for our Sunroom, however, the expenses to keep it going are significant. We may send occasional email reminders to donate a few dollars if you can.

Is the Sunroom private?

We want you to fully understand the privacy of our group because it is on Facebook. The Sunroom is a CLOSED group, but NOT a secret group. This means people who follow you on Facebook will see that you belong to a group called Rest Ministries Sunroom. They will not be able to see your posts.  You can find more details here on in the image below.


Sign up for the Sunroom

Below is the form to sign up for the Sunroom. After you click “Submit” you will be taken to our Facebook Sunroom Group Page. Click “Join Group.” After Lisa receives this she will approve your membership.



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