What’s in Your Purse?

What is in your purse? When we asked you to share what you carry around with you each day we heard everything from 3 bottles of water to a razor to trim stray whiskers. Yes, chronic illness requires a lot of maintenance, but overloading your purse can also cause you to lean sideways, causing shoulder, neck, & back pain. Physical therapists recommend that you carry no more than 10% of your body weight in a backpack, & even less in a purse, since it’s less balanced. Do you have any favorite organizing tips? Our founder Lisa has succumbed to the (maybe tacky?) but convenient method of using clear "ziplock" bags. One for h& sanitizer, lip stick, tissues, pills, etc. One for sticky notes, pens, highlighters, one for snacks, etc. Do you … [Read more...]

Do Heat Patches Really Work?

I often have aches in odd places, especially at night, & find that a heating pad doesn’t work or stay close enough to my skin. Have you ever tried those heated patches that stick to your skin? Yes! A popular one is ThermaCare & for a few dollars it can ease the pain. There are some real benefits: They make a variety of shapes for different parts of your body, so when I have found myself up late at night with a knee that was freezing up & filling with fluid, I could stick one on that is made specifically for the knee. They stay put all night & even have a bit of heat left when you wake up (likely because it’s under the covers). You can bend your knee & it doesn’t come off. The price of these can also add up quickly, however, so you … [Read more...]