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  1. My dear Fiona – thank you so much for sharing this. It resonates with the way it seems God is showing me the vital importance of prayer in my life. I have those nighttime issues as well. Rather than complain, I’m trying to see the positives that arise. An opportunity to speak with my creator is certainly a reason for praise. Love, deni

    • Thanks deni – sometimes I wonder if God is using our wakefulness, to point out what else we can be doing with that time – then I think I must be pretty dumb, or slow getting the lesson I need to learn!
      Certainly looking for and noting well, those positives, is helpful. I love the idea that it’s “an opportunity to speak with my creator” – thanks for that.

      Praying for you – especially this week deni,

  2. Fiona, really like your process to battle the worries! Take those worries lay them down, pray to our Lord, who we know is faithful and listening, allow His peace to be that which washes over us. Calming us. Knowing only He can solve the problem at hand.
    Worry doesn’t change it, but prayer, on the other hand does. And what’s even better is when we pray for others the focus on them allows us to let go and let God take over in our own life as well.
    Such a good word today! Blessings dear friend! Di

    • Thanks Di, your comments are always so encouraging 🙂

      I wish I could say that I always use this process, but I’m certainly trying to change to it being my first act. “Worry doesn’t change it, but prayer, on the other hand does. ” – how I need to keep that in mind!


  3. Thanks so much for writing this! God has been speaking to me about this very issue of worry, and the need to give it to him.

    • KG, God’s timing for these devotionals is so good isn’t it 😉
      Know you are not alone in this battle.

  4. A constant message I need to read Fiona! Thanks 🙂

    I was right with you straight away when I read: “Sounds simple and makes sense reading it–but it’s proved not so easy to put into practice.” Sooooo true!! I seem to keep coming back to learning this over & over again!

    My first experience with sleeplessness was with my first child having teething problems & waking up to crying at top pitch 5-7 times per night for 7 weeks!! I barely slept & was not a great mum during that time! Praying for others, as I rocked my baby boy back to sleep over & over again, really helped me to realize that others were awake at night too & I could be praying for them. God’s peace would come & take over the frustrations when I allowed Him in! God is good. Lotsoluv Kerryn

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Kerryn 🙂

      “When I allowed Him in” – YES – why don’t we just do that? You’d think with all the examples we can remember, we’d KNOW that worry should never be our first step – but that old “slow learners” again!

      Blessings friend,

      • YEP!! Better to be “slow learners” than not learning at all I guess! Though I’d like to remember what to do a LOT sooner!! 😉 Lotsoluv Kerryn

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