6 Responses to A Priceless Restoration

  1. Thanks Dorothea,
    This is just what I needed today!
    Affectionately, Lesetta

  2. Very beautifully stated Dorothea! I love the reference to restoring cars as my hubby is a mechanic. I often wish he could just replace a few of my malfunctioning parts too!
    Great encouragement today! Ty. Love and prayers go you. Di

  3. Thanks for this Dorothea 🙂
    Today I really needed to read, “I admit my weariness to the Lord, asking Him to restore and renew my hope and trust”.

  4. Great analogy Dorothea! 🙂

    Sure could relate to this! “Some days, I feel like that old, beat up car, and I wonder if I will ever get back to “normal” again.” YEP!! I think that some days I can feel The Restorer cutting, sawing, buffing etc!! Not fun, but I guess it’s needed to get this beaten up body ready for the heavenly unveiling one day! Thanks for helping my thoughts to go further with this analogy, creating some smiles! 🙂 God bless. Lotsoluv Kerryn

  5. This devotional really hit the spot! It’s just what I needed. Thank You!

  6. I am posting for the first time and I am so blessed to have this website and these devotionals. Having others that understand chronic pain is priceless because so many don’t. Thank you for your time and devotion!

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