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  1. Diane, I’m so sorry you had to go through several situations lately. I know how tough that is. Thank you for the encouragement that God knows and we are never invisible to Him. I long with you – “My prayer is that what is visible to others is not necessarily my illness, but the joy, the hope, the beautiful Light of Christ, shining forth from within my life.’ The song choice is comforting, too, Lisa. When we go through things we don’t understand but can see God is walking with us and working towards our good, it can give us strength on this journey of life.

    • Trudy thank you so much for your kind words. I agree, when even in these difficult situations, or those times of frustration, it’s good when we recognize and see God at work; knowing and feeling His love and presence. Be blessed. Di

  2. I can readily relate Diane.

    Being in an upheaval of symptoms, I once again felt dismissed.

    Then, If I have a string of good i.e. normal days like normal people.,
    … the expectation can become, “Well, now you are on your way!

    I dread to honestly say a day or weeks later…I am not doing well.

    This was the case the other day. I called someone, in discouragement and she dropped by.

    When she arrived she said “” I didn’t expect you to look this good.”
    So it goes…

    “You don’t look sick”..
    “You look really good”

    “I thought you said you were better.”

    “Yea, I suffer from the same thing as you. You just have to push yourself.”

    ” What is your number on the pain chart?”

    I think of the Spiritual Song from the slaves…
    ” Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. Nobody knows but Jesus”

    I see Him..

    He sees Me…( even on days like this past week, when I had a crisis and wondered if that were true)

    He NEVER changes

    He doesn’t get distracted…

    He doesn’t look away…

    He never forgets how much He loves me and you!

    • Lin, what a neat reference I remember that song too! So often it does seem that way. It’s difficult to explain when the individual can’t SEE what you FEEL. thus the great peace, comfort and friendship we have in our Lord, Jesus. And you are so right he never forgets us, or looks away! What a precious thought! Thank you for sharing!
      Be blessed. Di

  3. Thanks for this Di – I needed the reminder today that God sees us and knows what’s really going on, even if others don’t.
    Love your prayer about the light of Christ being visible in our lives and thankful for the way you shine His light into my life!
    Blessings dear friend,

    • Fiona,so glad this ministered to you. As always it comes from God showing me something and granting me an opportunity to share with others!
      Praying we each can be the lights He desires. Hugs & blessings di

  4. Dear Di, what beautiful & encouraging words to us all for those times when we feel invisible or are hurt by comments from others. I especially love your last sentence & prayer. Amen!!

    My dear hubby recently had an awful cold that gave him a view into my levels of deep fatigue & illness. That was actually quite helpful for us both. Sadly, what I noticed that I did at one point was to say some of those things that really hurt me that others say….. they were things to try to help him, so done with the right heart. That was a reminder to me that people really DO mean well with their comments! Hopefully I’ll remember that when it happens to me next & to accept their love, rather than the hurtful feelings it creates. You’re a blessing to me Di. God bless. LOTSoluv Kerryn

    • Kerryn, wow what an incredibly interesting way God revealed to you both how each one feels. Though I’m sure it was not fun at the time. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us all here. I know I really appreciate it!
      Praying for you as always. Blessings, di

  5. thanks for this lovely devotional – it is encouraging in one sense that others experience the same problems whilst living with a chronic illness and to learn how God helped you with this. I find I sometimes don’t want to go out of the house because I feel that I don’t have the strength to face people, I have been doing that with church lately as I don’t want to have to explain myself to the welcome team on the door. Last week I went late and sat at the back. IT is a source of strength to know that God sees when others don’t so thanks for sharing

    • Debs, I’m so glad this was an encouraging word for you. It sounds like you’ve been really struggling in this area, which I know does make us want to retreat, so to speak.
      I’m thankful that you did get to go to Church and spend that time with our Lord. So often just going helps me find that much needed peace just being in His presence. Praying He fills you with that same comfort and peace today.
      Blessings, Di

  6. Diane, your devotionals always ring with authenticity ( as do those of others ), but I have come to know you and I always see God’s light shining out of you in the ways you are such an encouragement to me and others.

    Times, such as you express, can stick with us too deeply and yet were we to “rise up”, there are so many other times we have been able to shine through our pain and people see the true us – the parts of us that are not afflicted and tired and lonely and hurting.

    Invisible. In reading your posting, it occurred to me that God is invisible. We know Him because we read of Jesus and we have His Spirit. In that way He is not invisible to us – but real. Perhaps when I get to feeling hurt when others do not respond or when I am stuck away alone at home, I could remember how much rejection Jesus took when on earth for the most important part of who He is ( and was then ) was invisible to so many.

    Perhaps that is one of the ways we are exhorted or told that we, too, would suffer.

    Thanks for a great sharing with us.

    • Lynn, I really like your thoughts here. That Jesus was invisible to many, even He who had such magnetism that would draw thousands, still at times was unseen. His pain, rejection, heart left barren, He too, as you said, must have felt those emotions as we do.
      Yet we who He loves, are given the gift of Him, His Holy Spirit, to live within us, to encourage us daily. Just remembering all those things as you mentioned truly gives us strength in those tough times.
      Thank YOU for sharing! Hugs and prayers. Di

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