4 Responses to Am I Abiding Well While Feeling Unwell?

  1. Dear Lynn, I so appreciate this devotional today! I particularly like your thoughts and prayer, “to rest in Him, so that lifeless wilting worries fall to the ground” while He fortified us with His presence and strength.
    Such a great visual especially with the picture of your beautiful plant!
    ( you’re certainly a good caregiver!)
    Thank you for sharing, both your joy of nature and and God’s precious gift of love & insights in your own journey. Holding you in my heart and prayers, Di

    • Diane – as I type this note to you, I am looking out at that fuschia plant still in bloom though fading slightly as autumn begins to turn into our new season.
      And is often the case when our devotionals get posted weeks after submission, I am needing these reminders ever as much as I read them again.

      I appreciate your comments as I, too, have had to kick some of the “lifeless wilting worries” to the ground of late and focus on the blooms that are radiating God’s strength.

      Continuing prayers for you and yours, my friend, and ever grateful for the gift you are in my life!
      xo Lynn

  2. Lynn, I was really struck by the thoughts you shared about “lifeless wilting worries” falling away as we “stay at rest in Him”. Then thinking about how we give life to our worries (well I do!) when I should be letting them fall away – much to ponder. My fuschia is yet to have flowers, but I’ll see them differently now this summer.

    You may not always feel bloom-ful, but I’m sure God sees you blooming as you share and enrich our lives, through RM and personally. I’m grateful 🙂

    • Fiona, I appreciate your comments. I surely do give too much “life” to my worries. When that expression fell out of my fingertips I gasped, for it was a new way of looking at what happens often with my thoughts. I am sure we all want to be the beautiful blooms.

      It will be fun when your own plant gets to blooming. I had never had a fuschia plant before so, as I expressed. There were some times I thought it had faded out on me. But it revived as God revives us.

      Grateful for you in my life, too – a real bloom!
      xo Lynn

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