9 Responses to How Do I Cope When Financial Strain Hits?

  1. Kerryn, as I read your devotional I am reminded of the daily provisions the Israelites had in the form of manna.
    As I am called to live each day with Him and for Him, I often have to be reminded – okay EVERY DAY I have to be reminded that He is the manna and gives of what He has to meet all my needs.

    As you said, you can look back to days past and realize the truth of that provision in your and your family’s own lives.

    It is good to be reminded of such faithfulness that He is to each of us.
    GREAT devotional – thanks.
    Love, Lynn

    • Thanks dear Lynn 🙂

      Oh I chuckled with your words: “I often have to be reminded – okay EVERY DAY I have to be reminded that He is the manna and gives of what He has to meet all my needs.” Me too!!! This devotional has arrived just when I needed to read this same message from God for me.

      I’m so very thankful for the many times that God has provided…. in odd ways…. over our family’s life. Right down to returning home from our 2003 trip overseas. We were broke with barely enough money for food. We were stuck in the airport overnight without enough money to get a hotel room for the night, so we slept there & slept just fine! Then in the morning our sons saw wonderful coin operated games in the airport. Bless them…. they didn’t ask for money for them, but a man came around to collect the coins & put a coin in each machine for our boys & in French let them know it was for them to play for free! Their little faces beamed as they thanked him!! God’s provision even to entertain them in the airport! God is thoughtful! 🙂 God bless. Lotsoluv Kerryn

  2. Great testimony Kerryn – God will guide! 🙂

  3. Dear Kerryn Wright, Hi! Thanks for this article. It is some what like what my husband and I are going through. In early 2013 God told us to leave Nebraska and go to Indiana. We were took only what we felt needed for the trip assuming we would return for the rest of our belongings shortly.At that time my husband was out of work and searching for a job. A month after being there in Indiana, God opened the door to come to Tennessee where yet again we stayed with someone else. Then we had to move in with yet another family here in TN. We have been living with this second family in TN for 2 years all the while are stuff sits in storage back in Nebraska. It has been challenging to our faith yet has grown us in the Lord. My husband has been working for just over 2 years but housing close to his work just hasn’t worked out yet. I’m much heartened to read someone else has been a wandering gypsy for God. Thank you for obeying God and Thank you for sharing your story. Sincerely,Michele

    • Wow! What a testimony Jada! 🙂 Thanks soooooo much for sharing it with me.

      I chuckled with your description of being “a wandering gypsy for God.” Never heard that term, but it describes our family well! We travelled a lot with my husband’s work & often took the children out of school, while I home-schooled them as we travelled for weeks or months at a time. The blessings were huge though. To this day our sons often talk about times staying with others & the skills they learned in community living have benefitted them greatly.

      I pray for God’s help in co-ordinating housing closer to work for you & your hubby. May God bless you both, as you minister to others wherever you are! Lotsoluv Kerryn

  4. Kerryn, Excellent Devotion and wonderful testimony to God’s provision 🙂
    It is good to see the many ways the Lord provides for us as we trust Him 🙂

    • Thanks Karlton 🙂
      We had a sudden financial need today, which seemed impossible. We prayed & God provided an amazing solution. It required being obedient to His leading & then we saw why! God is good. Lotsoluv Kerryn

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