14 Responses to Do You Embrace Seasons in Life When God Doesn’t Make Sense?

  1. Bronlynn, I loved your words of truth, encouragement and focus today.
    This year has been a very different season indeed. One with many joys, ( becoming a new Grandma!) But also one with the same reality you have had, with health issues for my husband. It’s true, those realities have made a difference, and also made me even more thankful for the strength I receive from the Lord.
    In all I guess we each will continue to face different battles and changing seasons, but also have the peace of knowing God the Father is the same as always. Strong, loving, steadfast. Omnipotent!
    Thank-you, I needed to hear this today!!
    Hugs Di

    • Thanks Diane. I hope I’ll be a grandma some day – but then that’s one person to try and not be concerned about ;). I’m glad you were blessed, and I hope you have a peaceful season for awhile :).


  2. Again, this is so timely! I have been thru much change too these days. Moving, and it not working out. I have been so frustrated because with each move, things got harder and my hope was that it would make my life easier, but things did not get easier, only harder, so here I am, in unfamiliar circumstances which I fought all the way……..yet Father saw to it that I was able to keep 3 of my 4 beloved pets as companion animals! I am in a tiny safe friendly little town of 400 population, I have been able to walk my yorkies without incidence, which is always a worry because it seems like most dogs if they are unleashed, just want to eat them as a treat. But the only unleashed dog that comes up to them likes them!

    And, the precious cat I had to give up, ran away from her place I re-homed her in 10 miles away and guess what!!!!!!!!!!! I actually saw her out the window of my new place, so I am hoping I see her again, she was not a very good mouser, and I worry she might starve this winter because I live in Minnesota. But can you believe that? So I googled about it, and it is not unusual for pets to travel much further than that to find their beloved friends!

    Also, I love to study about end times from the bible and it is hard to find others who have this passion, but right across the hall is another lady who likes the topic too! God is so good! I’m sure you animal lovers out there know it is hard to even find a place where they will accept even 1 animal! Not only that, the management of my apt wanted my cat declawed, but said since she is 15 that I could skip it (doing happy dance)!!! I fought this move all the way, but God was watching out for me and that I was able to keep my companions was such a blessing because they are so important to me. We should have enough faith to trust God, but we know we get caught up in fear, but look how it all turned out! There is more to this story, but it’s long already. There is so much more…because the helper I had for 9 years, was willing/able to come back and help me! Wow, thank You Lord!!!!! And there is still more amazing stuff the Lord worked out, so let’s trust Him before we get all ‘bent out of shape’ over our difficulties.

    Bless you Lisa Copen for this amazing site that has encouraged me so very much thru my down days. I am learning to trust God, even when there seems to be no place to go. I will be praying for all of you who encourage us thru this ministry every day!!!!

  3. I’m so sorry about your husband, Bronlynn. It must be so difficult for you both. I’m sure it makes your husband feel helpless, too, since he was used to doing more for you. Praying for strength and peace for you both! As I read your post, I am encouraged to remember God is a constant. We can always rely on Him. I’m praying with you that God will use those difficult seasons to deepen our relationship with Him. Blessings to you!

    • Thanks Trudy. We are having some improvement since my husband got off a medicine that had really bad side effects, and we have found a good substitute, or so it seems for now. So we are thankful for that! And he’s still great at scrubbing tubs, painting, and running the vacuum 😉


  4. I love the word SEASONS….sooo much better than the one I have used for years…..TRIALS….Thank you for this understanding…

  5. So very sorry to hear about your husbands health. My husband is a diabetic, and takes 4 insulin injections a day. He has had Diabetes for 32 years and there have been no damage to his body in all those years. We have learned to take care of each other; and we are aware his age may start causing trouble. He is 64, and I turned 60. Seasons of live are changing for sure. Wonderful devotional! You will remain in my prayers.

    Soft hugs,

    • Thanks Sandy. My husband’s health problems make me appreciate even more all he has been doing for me for the past 30+ years. It’s wonderful to have that support. Praying for you and your family as well.


  6. This was timely for me today Bronlynn, with something new to worry about myself 🙂
    The reminder in your prayer “that every season of my life is ordained by You” reminds me not to let my fear cause me step too far ahead, or too far away from Him.

    May each of us keep trusting, learning and growing in our relationship with Him.

  7. Hi Bronlynn. As usual, this devotional of yours is great!

    I was really struck by the quote from Max Lucado’s “Fearless”: “Is the foliage of your world showing signs of a new season? Embrace it. Accept it.” The word ’embrace’ has been used a lot lately. To me it has a quality that’s a little deeper than “accepting”.

    We too are facing a new season in life. My hubby’s role as pastor is over but he still longs to preach and teach God’s living Word. Also, because of our reduced income, we are considering moving. Along with these challenges, he’s facing possible surgery that may or may not be serious.

    I’m also finding our new role in our church strange and somewhat stressful.

    But I do want to accept and embrace the other changes that may be coming. And, meanwhile, to accept and embrace even this waiting period.

    Thanks for your encouragement. May the Lord give us just what we need to trust and obey Him, and help us to listen to His still, small voice.

    Luv ya,

    • Beth,

      Wow – you really do have a lot of changes going, and they are major. I will be praying that God gives you peace and acceptance for whatever His will is in each of these areas.


  8. Diane, Trudy, Fiona, and Sandy: You four are becoming more precious to me as I get to know you better.

    I offer up prayers for each of you.

    Diane, congratulations on becoming a Grandma!!!!!! ♥ Enjoy this little one as much as you can. They grow up way too fast! My oldest (a girl) is now 14 and her brother (my “Buddy”) is 11. It doesn’t seem long ago that I held that sweet little baby girl in my arms for the first time!


    • Beth, thanks for your prayers, I always enjoy your comments and ways it enables us to get to “know” each other 🙂
      Praying for you and your husband as you transition into whatever lies ahead for you.

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