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  1. Karen, I absolutely loved this devotional!
    I’ve been reading a wonderful book by Brene’ Brown called “The Gifts of IMPERFECTION”
    This is one of the topics, to not sell yourself, your God given qualities, gifts short. To realize we each have many “jobs” in this life here; that God has truly blessed us with many opportunities to share those gifts. Be it cleaning the bathroom or loving a friend who’s struggling! All these things make up who we are in Him. How we are the reflection of His gifts to us! Thank you for sharing your sweet encouraging words and truths with us. Leaving our legacy determined to do God’s will “one day at a time”.
    Love and blessings!

    • Thanks Di for those encouraging words. It seems in this world, we are always looking for the “extraordinary” things when really, it’s the “ordinary” things that bring us happiness.

  2. Thanks for this bit of enlightenment. This is a question I A’s myself daily,multiple times a day.it weighs on me like and iron cast of self doubt,hopelessness,and shame. How easy it is for family and what used to be friends,to get upset that you won’t be at thanksgiving again,or are cancelling a much anticipated outing. When we hold onto the guilt in the disappointment folks push onto us,we get in the soul rot stank and start to believe we are wastes of space,undeserving of respect beach we cannot work,which found many means we are low income,which spirals into the masses assuming we are illiterate and must be lazy and or on drugs. I have a hard time trying to be heard,but have now learned my family was always hard on me,and abusive so cutting those folks out and filling that space up with spirituality is the most healthy thing I could do for my body,soul,and mind. If nothing else I do on this planet is remembered and revered,let it be that I was kind,and that I was compassionate. My body’s disable state bears no weight on the person I am
    I will refocus the nasty energy and self doubt t into the spiritual gifts I do half and be what mother Theresa called, “A channel for the peace.” Thank you for this gift of words. May I turn this lesson into reality.Thank you,Jenny

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