4 Responses to Does This Child Change Everything For You?

  1. In this busy world, this devotional refocused me to the reason for Christmas. I absolutely love the movie “The Nativity” and wish it was more popular. I have a copy on VCR tape and will look for it on DVD. The music and 3 songs you have added to the clip just made my day! Maybe even the best 15 minute devotional i have ever had the opportunity to watch. I encouraged all my friends to sit back and watch this clip. I cannot express how much the songs, music and visual put together to make a perfect devotional. Thank you Lisa for sharing this …I hope you receive other comments about this as it really touched my heart today. Have a blessed Christmas!!! Javene

  2. “Even with Him as my source of strength, I still struggle with bitterness, envy, and emotionally fatigue.” Me, too, Lisa. I just can’t imagine what our lives would be like if God hadn’t come down in the flesh. Yes, this Baby changes everything! I pray that each day, in spite of pain and troubles, we may live in wonder of what He has done for us. Thank you for this reflection, Lisa.

  3. Lisa, such a beautiful and truly powerful devotional. It reaffirms who Jesus really is. His character and what His presence means in your life and ours as well.
    Thank you for reminding me of all He did and does; my Savior, friend, hope, healer, living breath! God bless, Di

  4. Thank you, Thank you,thank you, Thank you for reminding me of all He did and does, this post and song brought my to tears….ntp

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