4 Responses to Does Meeting Jesus Fill You With Joy?

  1. Fiona, this is what Christmas is all about for those who know Jesus as Saviour and Lord, isn’t it?

    Something that’s blessed me and drawn out my worship this year is working on memorizing a couple of verses (Eph.1:7,8 in the (old) Living Bible). I have the words written on a 3″X5″ card and check on them several times a day. They talk about His love, grace and forgiveness.

    Today it snowed. We’ve had very little this year and had patches of green all over. That was a gift from the Lord. Though I don’t like the traveling complications when we have snow, I love to watch it fall and see it sparkling and pure when the sun shines on it later. It also reminds me of the verse that tells us that God is willing to make our sins as white as snow.

    I’m so happy to hear about your special cards!

    Oh come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!!

    Luv ya,

  2. Thanks Beth 🙂
    I think I’ve had to work a bit harder this year to live out that joy, but it surely “is what Christmas is all about”.

    Lovely to hear you are enjoying some snow (from inside) – it will be a very hot and humid Christmas Day here tomorrow, so I’ll think of you in the cooler climbs of Canada.

    Trust it’s a joyful and blessed celebration for you, dear friend.

  3. Fiona – this time of year is one for reflection about many things as we celebrate intentionally the birth of our Savior.
    I would not say I feel more joy about “meeting with Him” but I do love the holiday.
    I look forward to my quiet time with him each day – and knowing He is with me each day brings comfort and joy.
    More often than not the “feeling” of joy gets overridden by all the other “feelings” we each have as we live with a chronic condition.
    However, the simple “knowing” is a joy for He is JOY.

    Loved the video with the kids – such a great metaphor that we, as God’s grown up kids, need be filled with that kind of excitement as we come “and adore Him”.

    xo Lynn

  4. Thanks Lynn 🙂
    “the simple “knowing” is a joy for He is JOY” – so true and much better than relying on our feelings about anything.

    I’m sure the video would have brought back memories of your own school children and their excited anticipation!

    Blessings dear friend,

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