9 Responses to Does God Think You Are Stronger Than You Feel?

  1. I’m always encouraged by your words Karlton. May God place a hedge of protection around you to protect you as you serve Him by pointing others to the truth of His word.
    Always in grace!

  2. Karlton, my heart goes out to you for the weight of all the hard things that have come to you in 2015.

    Paul basically said, when God said, “No” to his requests for relief from his “thorn in the flesh”, that God’s strength shows up best in weak people. My soul is lifted up by your devotional and by this fact.

    It is all about Him after all. I pray that He’ll amaze us by showing us how He can use us in 2016!

    • Thank you Beth! Yes, the Lord often uses weak people to show His strength. His power and strength keeps us going and moving forward.

  3. What an excellent message Karlton! I found myself nodding all the way through! Thank you 🙂

    I’m REALLY sorry for all that you’ve gone through in 2015, yet God has used you more than you’ll ever know to minister to me….. for which I’m truly thankful.

    The past few years have been REALLY tough & each year feels tougher to me….. yet I also can sense a greater strength in me that can only be God. In the depths of the struggles I wonder how on earth God will get me through, yet He always does. Is it easy? NUP! However with God His rewards far outweigh the struggles…. eventually! I just have to remember that in the tough times. Living apart from my family is really tough right now….. so, I need your reminder right now of: “But I remind you, as I remind myself, the Lord has delivered us, and will yet deliver us again.” AMEN! God bless. Lotsoluv Kerryn

  4. Karlton Thanking God for you and your voice to us through your weakness and heavy burdens. I pray for you and ask the Lord to renew your strength and pour out his blessings. You are blessed with your gift of writing and willingness to share. I am not aware of your particular struggles but praise Him for your faith and growth. I wish you relief if God wills. I cannot even begin to make a list of the additional struggles but remember He is our stronghold, our burden bearer and the one who brings joy in the midst of ongoing challenges. He has promised to never leave us.
    By faith..by faith…by faith.
    Thanks again for reminded me of His power and strength. Crushing weight is a powerful image . Bless you and all who read and respond. Jan anne

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