12 Responses to What If God Had Not Intervened?

  1. Great message Fiona! 🙂

    I do often think what if God wasn’t involved in my life & doing those things that I don’t actually see to help me?! However, I can lose sight of this thought & need the reminder of it….. often. So, thank YOU dear friend, for helping to remind me of this. Having faith in God sure gives us soooooo much more hope. No idea how others manage without a relationship with Him!!!

    Great verses & an amazing story about your friend’s survival! Praise God for His help for him through those 2 nurses! Lotsoluv Kerryn

    • Thanks Kerryn 🙂
      Even though we still have days that can seem really tough – I’d hate to see them without God helping us and so glad we don’t have to!

      Praying for some easier days for you dear friend.

  2. Thank you Fiona… OUR HELP IS FROM THE LORD WHO MADE HEAVEN AND EARTH. HARD TO UNDERSTAND why GOD allow this happen to us ; different circumstances . But thank GOD
    He is REAL. A LIVING GOD. WE Experience his Gracious Love.
    Thank you so much Lisa. I really don’t know why this happen to me.
    A simple dream. I don’t have.
    But GOD he comfort me. And

    • Thanks Venus – so glad we don’t always need to understand, just keep on trusting the One who does.
      May God continue to be your comfort.

  3. Thank you Fiona!
    This really encouraged me. I love where you said, “I’m so glad I don’t have to know what life would be like without You.” Where would we be without hope, help and comfort!? I cannot fathom life without Jesus. Thank you for reminding me of Psalm 124. SO beautiful. God Bless you, Angie

    • So glad you found this encouraging Angie – and thanks for encouraging me with your comment 🙂

      Thinking of someone else I know this week, who doesn’t have that “hope, help and comfort” we share – the death of a loved one (or whatever trial they face) is just so hard.

      It is a Psalm I want to keep in mind!

  4. I have just recently found this website and devotionals. I have been looking for a long time for something like this. It came across something in Pinterest and I just happened to find it. That was God working in me. You don’t know how much this has helped me. I have been in chronic back pain for 11 years, when I had to have a simple back surgery. People always say, “Once you have one surgery, you will never be the same….” almost pointing a finger at me…. well, I had no choice, I couldn’t walk. However….I’m heading into my 5th surgery in the same place now, 11 years later.

    I pray that I will one day know why God has given me this cross to bear. Lately God has been intervening, by putting a new friend into my life who happens to work for the best neurosurgeon in Georgetown. So, I got an appointment the next week, instead of waiting months to see him. She has been an angel to me, both by working me through the “system”, but by listening, coming over for coffee, and just clicking with me!”

    • Hi Tiffany,
      Only just now seeing your comment – but thanks for stopping by and I’m so glad God has helped you find this site and the encouragement it contains for all of us on different, but similar journeys.

      Praying for you now, that this surgery will be successful. No fun having to go through surgery so many times – and those unfeeling comments that often come from people who just don’t understand. I’m thankful that God always understands me 🙂

      Such a great story of how this new friend has come into your life, probably just when you needed some encouragement.

  5. Thanks so much Fiona.
    No matter how bad things get [and I’m going thru a slightly bad patch now], I often remind myself of this fact.
    How much worse it would be to cope with any of life’s difficulties without our great God beside us.
    And I do wonder how people who don’t know him manage.
    My heart aches for them especially in times of suffering.

    A very wise and godly friend once told me that my “job” was to be a witness to show the difference that God’s strength around me can make to living with suffering.
    I fail only too often to show this – but what a difference it makes.

    another Aussie

    • Thanks Helen for sharing what your friend said – Something we’d all hope to be living out ☺
      Praying that you’ll see God meeting you in your current bad patch and helping you to persevere.

  6. Fiona, a bit late in reading hour devotional, but wanted to say it is really FANTASTIC! What a wonderful perspective to reflect on.
    Indeed, without God I can’t image walking through the last 13 yrs of my life.
    Without Him, there is no hope, nothing to hold onto in this world. But with Him, there can be joy in sorrows, grace and forgiveness!
    Thank you friend for this beautiful reminder! Hugs Di

    • Thanks Di ☺
      So glad we don’t have to live without Him – and without our fellow travellers too!
      Blessings dear friend,

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